High Speed Fiber Internet Study Begins This Week

High Speed Fiber Internet Study Begins This Week

May 8, 2017

The following phone message is being sent to Great Lakes Energy members in the Petoskey service area who will be part of the high speed fiber Internet feasibility study:

Great Lakes Energy contract crews will be working in your area beginning May 8. They will be inspecting meters, poles and other equipment from May 8 until the end of June. Contract crews carry identification and will never ask to enter your home. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our office at 888-485-2537.

The message will also be emailed to members within the study area.

The contractor, America Fujikura Ltd. (AFL), will collect data that will give us a better idea of the estimated costs and expected revenue that this venture could generate.

After we receive the results from AFL later this year, GLE staff and the board of directors will review them to determine if we should continue to pursue this project.


  • Joe C.

    I sure hope we get it. seems like everything has WIFI options on it. I seen a gas grill with wifi. I have satellite internet and it bites.Sign me up.

  • Stacie Fuste’ O’Neal

    I hope the do it in Boyne Falls. Where I live the only thing we can get is Century link. And they only have so many spots for it.

  • Stacie Fuste’ O’Neal

    Anyways we can’t get internet and my kids need it for school. I Dont understand why they have to start with Petoskey? Why can’t they start with the people who really need it and don’t have it available to them.

  • Hi Stacie – we are starting with Emmet County, so yes it is around Petoskey, but not in the city limits. Emmet County serves many rural areas with diverse terrain, areas with little to no options for hi-speed Internet to areas with options, giving us a good idea of what the member interest would be in an area with multiple service options. Our board will be reviewing the results of the feasibility study in September and more information on whether we decide to proceed or not will be provided this fall. The build-out of high-speed fiber Internet would be a slow process, we appreciate your interest and your patience!

  • Thanks for your interest, Joe! We will keep you posted on here and our other publications.