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Program Details

Great Lakes Energy members help to enhance the quality of life for people in our communities through the People Fund. Bills of participating members are “rounded up” to the next dollar amount and grants are awarded to non-profit organizations and charitable activities throughout our service area. Grants are awarded by three independent Boards of Directors representing three geographical regions – south, central and north. There are no overhead costs – 100 percent of the money collected is returned to our communities.

How are People Fund grants invested?
In order to have the greatest impact on people within the Great Lakes Energy service area, the People Fund will generally invest funds in project or activities that:

  • Are one-time in nature rather than ongoing or continuous
  • Benefit a large number of people
  • Leverage funds from other sources
  • Distribute funds to individuals or families in crisis
  • Help programs increase their capacity to deliver services
  • What communities does the People Fund serve?

The GLE People Fund will make every effort to award grants in a manner that is representative of and sensitive to the diversity of needs in our 26 counties service area. Funds will be invested in the areas from which they were collected divided into north, central and south regions.

View our recent Annual Report for more details.

Who is eligible?
Funds are generally awarded to non-profit organizations or groups for specific humanitarian, educational and community development purposes. Tax exempt organizations may also be eligible. The organizations must serve local communities in our 26 county service area. A portion of the funds may be awarded to organizations that have the capacity to use the funds for individuals or families in crisis. Grants are not given to individuals.

To use its funds most effectively, the People Fund will generally not award grants for: normal operating expenses of established programs; annual fundraising campaigns; political campaigns; loans; religious activities; endowment funds; or deficit spending.

The Great Lakes Energy People Fund, regardless of the region, will not fund continuing school projects.

Faith-based organizations may receive funding for projects only if the organization provides services to all community members, regardless of the community member’s religious affiliation or participation.

When are grants awarded?

Grants are typically awarded six weeks after the two grant cycle deadlines each year. Grant application deadlines are:

  • April 15
  • October 15

How do I apply for a grant?

Click Here to request a Grant Application.