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Rate Restructuring

Calculate your bill on the new rates that went into effect September 1, 2013 using the Rate Calculator. A rate restructuring for residential, seasonal and general service single-phase members (Rate Schedules A, A-S and GS single phase) was unanimously approved by the Great Lakes Energy board of directors on March 22, 2013.

The rates were designed after a comprehensive cost-of-service study was completed by a rate design expert in 2012. View the rate presentation from the March 22 board meeting for more information.

The revised monthly charge will represent each member’s fair share of our fixed costs, much of which goes toward the poles, wires, power line equipment, vehicles, machinery and labor required to maintain a safe and reliable electric distribution system.  It does not include the power cost, which is recovered through the energy usage charge.

The lower energy usage charge from the rate restructuring will more accurately reflect our true cost for the power we supply you.  Your ability to control your kWh use and your costs is enhanced because any reductions in usage will no longer have a negative financial impact on your cooperative since fixed costs will be covered through the higher monthly charge.