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Automated Meters

Your electric meter is read automatically each day, doing away with the need to read your meter manually.

The automatic meter reading (AMR) feature on your meter enables it to send readings to our office electronically over the power lines. Power line carrier technology employed by our AMR meters does not emit radio frequencies. AMR meters can be programmed to read more often, if we find it necessary to monitor your usage more closely. You may request this to be done if you are having fluctuations in your bills, as it will help determine when the energy is being used.

AMR meters help Great Lakes Energy respond to power outages faster. If we know that an area is out of power, we can send a signal to certain AMR meters to see if they respond back. If they do not, that tells us that there is a potential power outage at that location. This helps us find outages and restore power faster, in some cases even before the homeowner notifies us of a problem.

In addition, the AMR meters improve billing accuracy by eliminating estimated meter readings and irregular billing periods.

If you notice that your AMR meter display is blank, please contact our office as there may be a problem with your meter.

Are GLE’s meters “smart” meters?

There is more than one type of smart meter.  The smart meter which has been accused of posing a health risk is a wireless meter that communicates by emitting a radio frequency.  The radio frequency is similar to that of many common household devices such as baby monitors, cordless phones, and remote-controlled toys and medical monitors.

Great Lakes Energy does not use wireless meters.  Our meters communicate by transmitting information over the power lines. This is called power line carrier technology. Our meters do not emit any radio frequency.  Our meters do not collect personal information, they do not control appliances or other devices in the home, nor do they send any price signals to members; thus there should not be a concern about privacy.

How do our automated meters work?

Our meters transmit meter readings back to our office over the power lines. The data includes kilowatt hours consumed, meter number, serial number and account number. We can send a signal over the power lines (a “ping”) to test the meter and determine if it is working or not. Pinging meters is helpful during outage situations.

Members need to contact us by phone at 888-GTLAKES when they are out of power; our automated meters do not report outages. Outages can also be reported through your online account here or by using Great Lakes Energy’s mobile app.

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Other Information

Automated meters are installed at all GLE member locations and have been since 2004. Some meters currently also have remote disconnect/reconnect capability, but not all.

Members do not have to submit a meter reading. Billing accuracy and faster power restoration are also benefits of AMR.