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Energy Efficiency Seminars

Great Lakes Energy members are invited to attend one of our free energy seminars held in spring and fall.

Local heating and cooling companies and Great Lakes Energy staff are on hand to answer questions related to heat pumps.Learn about home heating and cooling options with geothermal and air-source heat pumps and energy optimization (EO) programs that offer incentives to help co-op members save energy.

Members ask questions of vendors at an energy efficiency seminar


Members listen to a presentation about geothermal heating and cooling

Co-op members learn about other incentive and rebate programs offered by Great Lakes Energy, too.

Door prizes provide opportunities for attendees to win energy-saving gifts.

The next energy seminar will be held in spring of 2020. Watch PowerTalk and Michigan Country Lines for more details. 

Members hear a presentation at Great Lakes Energy's energy efficiency seminar


Members speak with vendors at Great Lakes Energy's energy efficiency seminar