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Energy Optimization at Great Lakes Energy

Energy Optimization

General Information

Great Lakes Energy offers Energy Optimization (EO) programs to members of the cooperative. The programs are mandated under the Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act passed by Michigan lawmakers in 2008.

EO programs are designed to ultimately reduce electricity use in Michigan. According to the act, a key goal of the programs is “to delay the need for constructing new electric generating facilities and thereby protect consumers from incurring the costs of such construction.”

As part of the selection process, we look closely at each EO program to determine the ones that best provide optimal value for Great Lakes Energy members. With every decision we make, we are looking out for our members.

Click on the rate name for the EO programs available for that rate class. The EO surcharge for each rate class is also listed below. Surcharges are subject to change.

Apartment building
Surcharge is $0.00198 per kWh

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Small store
Small Commercial
Surcharge is $4.76 per month

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Tall city buildings
Large Commercial & Industrial
Surcharge is $865.59 per month

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For a homeowner who uses 1,000 kilowatt-hours(kwh) per month, the $0.00198 per kWh surcharge amounts to just over $1.98 per month. All revenue collected from this charge is used solely to cover the costs to run the EO programs.

As the state regulatory agency responsible for administering the 2008 energy law, the Michigan Public Service Commission expects those who choose to participate in even one of these EO programs to reduce their consumption and save enough on their electric bill to more than cover the surcharge.

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Our power supplier, Wolverine Power Cooperative, has been purchasing renewable energy since 2007 from the Harvest Wind Farm (Michigan’s first commercial wind turbine farm) and adding to its renewable energy resources through such programs as Community Solar. Because of that, we have already exceeded an amendment to the 2008 energy law requiring at least 15 percent of our energy come from renewable energy sources by 2021.

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