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Reliability Initiative

In 2004, Great Lakes Energy began making major improvements as part of a long-range reliability initiative to upgrade our entire distribution system over time. 

Key achievements to date include:

  • A total of 163 major power lines identified as “worst performing circuits” have been improved so far resulting in more reliable electric service for 106,766 GLE members throughout our service area.  Additional members will benefit from line improvements scheduled in 2018.
  • Met our annual reliability goal nine out of the last 12 years by reducing average outage minutes (see SAIDI information below),
  • Met all state-mandated performance standards for electric service and reliability nine of the last 11 years.

Other key contributors to improved reliability include:

  • Sectionalizing circuits to help limit the number of members affected by outages. When the flow of electricity is interrupted by a fault on the line, large sections of the line often need to be de-energized so repairs can be safely made. Depending on the type of circuit configuration, we install different pieces of equipment that help isolate the problem on the line so it affects the fewest members possible.
  • An aggressive vegetation management program to keep trees away from power lines.
  • Investments in automated equipment and other new technologies are also helping to get the lights on safely and more quickly for members during storms.

SAIDI and Reliability

We use an industry standard index for determining average outage minutes. The System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) is an indicator of the average amount of time a GLE member could be without power in a given year. Since it represents an average, some members actually experience no outage times while others experience more than the SAIDI number. 

Great Lakes Energy’s reliability goal in 2018 is to not exceed 166.3 SAIDI minutes.

The goal is based on average outage minutes recorded during normal conditions. Typically the outages are due to weather, animals, equipment failures, vehicle/pole accidents and other causes.

Weather-related outage events are factored into the SAIDI calculations, with the exception of major event days (MEDs). Storms that create MEDs are not common and only happen once or twice a year across the co-op’s entire service area.

We will continue to take measures to limit the weather’s damaging impact on our distribution system. Getting the lights back on as quickly and safely as possible is another way Great Lakes Energy looks out for you.