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Renewable Energy Programs

Great Lakes Energy is leading the way with renewable energy. Nearly 20 percent of the electricity we provide comes from renewable energy sources due to investments in wind energy made by our power supplier, Wolverine Power Cooperative (WPC).

Now, members can take an even larger role in supporting clean energy with one of the following programs:

1. Community Solar: Community Solar offers members the benefits of solar without the installation and maintenance expense involved with owning your own solar panels. Of the three programs, it is the lowest cost option for those interested in investing in renewable energy.

How does it work? Members purchase a subscription in the SpartanSolar community array located across from WPC headquarters in Cadillac. One subscription entitles a member to a share in the energy produced by the solar array. GLE continues delivering energy to the subscribing members, who receive a solar credit on their bills. Members have nothing to install or maintain and can cancel at any time. Enroll today!  Learn more! 888-GT-LAKES, ext. 8957.

2. Buy-All/Sell-All: If a member’s goal is to produce more renewable energy than they use, this program is for them. Of the three programs, this could involve the largest investment due to the larger renewable energy generating system the member would likely install. 

How does it work? The member installs up to a 1 megawatt (MW) renewable energy generating system (solar or wind.). WPC buys all electricity the system generates at $0.10 per kWh. This option turns a member into a true energy supplier to the co-op. Learn more! 888-GT-LAKES, ext. 1308.

Please note: Applications are currently not being accepted for the Buy All/Sell-All program. 

3. Net Metering/Distributed Renewable Energy:  This program was revised and is for members whose goal is to meet their home’s energy needs with their own renewable energy generating system.

How does it work? Every kWh of renewable energy (solar or wind) produced by the member and used in their home is a kWh the member doesn’t have to buy from GLE. The savings is based on our retail rate. Should a member produce more energy than they use, they will receive a bill credit of $0.056 per kWh for any excess energy they put on the grid.* Learn more! 888-GT-LAKES, ext. 1308.

*Program changes in effect for new systems in production after June 1, 2017. Contact us for details.

Please note:  Applications are currently not being accepted for the Net Metering/Distributed Renewable Energy program.  

Additional Information:

Great Lakes Energy also has an educational solar array installed at the Boyne City headquarters building. Learn more.