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Safety Demonstrations

Great Lakes Energy offers its free safety demonstration program to bring important electrical safety information to its members and to service organizations in areas where GLE members live. The safety demonstration features a tabletop display for indoor student and youth presentations.

Watch the video for an example of the indoor tabletop display for school and youth groups:


Schools and Community Youth Groups
Second through seventh grade classes in schools with students who are children of GLE members are eligible. With the tabletop display, a miniature energized power line produces electrical arcs when accidental contact is made with it. Accidental contact from climbing trees, playing near electrical equipment, and other activities is demonstrated. In addition, presenters cover what to do when encountering fallen power lines and other electrical safety hazards. Demonstrations available during the school year, Sept.-June.


To request a free demonstration, fill out the form below. We will contact you with an available date.

Request a Safety Demonstration

Eligible groups include schools and youth organizations (Scouts, youth camps, etc.), within Great Lakes Energy’s service area.

SCHOOLS AND YOUTH GROUPS: We will bring an indoor tabletop display to your location.

(best for grades 2-7)
Sessions should be limited to 35 students. Large classes may be broken into smaller groups/multiple sessions.
Please list 3 to 5 specific options. Dates for schools and youth community organizations are available September-June.
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