2015 Tree Clearing Begins

Jan. 30, 2015
Contracted tree-trimming crews will remove trees and limbs near power lines throughout the Great Lakes Energy service area this year beginning in early 2015.
The work is part of GLE’s annual vegetation management program to improve electric service reliability and safety. About $3.8 million will be invested in 2015 to re-clear trees along 1,294 miles of power line rights-of-way (ROW) in 17 counties and 77 townships.
Great Lakes Energy members will be notified by postcard and phone if ROW re-clearing work is scheduled near them. Please be sure we have your current billing address and primary phone number for your service location. This will help ensure we are able to reach you.
Tree-related power line damage is a major cause of outages for GLE.
The amount of trimming to maintain an adequate power line clearance depends on the tree type, location and growth, and line voltage size. In addition to weak and dying trees, healthy trees may need to be trimmed or removed if they pose a threat to your electric service.
Questions about ROW re-clearing should be directed to our Vegetation Management Department at 888-485-2537 ext. 8221 (central and south counties) or ext. 1295 (north counties).

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