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Payment Options

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Online: Login to your online account by clicking “My Account” to manage your account from anywhere. Click to view instructions for creating your online account.

Mobile device: Want to make a payment from your mobile device? Download the GLE app on your iOS or Android device today.

By phone: Call us at 888-485-2537 and follow the appropriate prompts. To pay by credit card, checking, or savings account, you can use the automated phone system. If paying with a checking or savings account and would like help, speak to a member services representative (Monday–Friday, 7:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.).

All credit card payments MUST be made through the automated phone system or online. 

In person: Visit any of our eight office locations across western Michigan, Monday-Friday 8am-4:00pm to make a payment.

Auto Pay: Have one less thing to remember when you set your account up for Auto Pay. Enroll today in your online account.

FlexPay: Pay for your electricity in advance and manage your electricity use on a daily basis. No late fees, no reconnect fees and no deposits involved with this plan. Call us to enroll.

Reading and Paying Your Bill

Budget Billing: Take control of fluctuating bills by enrolling in Budget Billing*. Your monthly payment will stay roughly the same each month, based on the previous year’s energy use. Every August, we’ll balance your account. Sign up today. Call us at 888-485-2537, 7:00am-5:30pm, Monday thru Friday.

*To be eligible for the Budget Billing Program, we must have 12 months of billing history and bills must have a zero-account balance at time of enrollment.

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Payment Assistance

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Having trouble paying your bill? We understand times get tough and there are options out there for when that happens. When that does, please contact us immediately to arrange payment options so your service will not be shut off. You can also find out what programs are available to you. Dial 2-1-1 to find out about programs in your area that can offer help. Or check out our payment assistance guide.

If you’re struggling to keep up with your electric bills our Pathways Program, a partnership between Great Lakes Energy and TrueNorth Community Services, can help you bridge the financial gap and move toward your ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. 

Besides the bill payment help you’ll receive, you’ll learn energy management practices to lower your bills with the full support of an assigned TrueNorth Self-Sufficiency Coach. The more you succeed with Pathways, the more help you’ll receive toward becoming energy efficient and confident in managing your future energy use and billings.

Our Pathways communications team is available 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Mon. – Fri. To speak to a Pathways representative, please call 231-355-5880.

What's the Monthly Charge?

While the monthly charge on your bill may seem confusing, it is there to save you money and to provide you with reliable service. Simply put, your bill is split into two parts: fixed cost and variable cost.

The electricity you use is a variable cost since how much you use from month-to-month fluctuates. You will see this cost as energy and PSCR charges on your bill.

The fixed costs (this is where that monthly charge comes in) go to the services you don’t always see upfront but would notice immediately if they went away. These would be things like maintaining your powerlines, equipment used to restore your power, improving the distribution system for reliable service, and having staff available 24-7 to get your power back on during outages.

Since all members benefit from using our fixed cost services, we divide the charge evenly among rate classifications. This allows us to keep your kilowatt hour charge (how much you pay for energy used) down and still provide you with reliable service.

Business Accounts

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Great Lakes Energy is committed to providing the level of service and value that our commercial and industrial members deserve. Commercial and industrial (C & I) members have very unique needs, and we work hard to meet those needs.

If you are an existing Great Lakes Energy C & I member or if you are not currently our member, but are interested in our electric service, email us at [email protected] or call 888-485-2537, ext. 1358.

C&I members can learn more about demand and GLE’s demand charges in this PDF.

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