Community Grant Giveaway

Is there a specific nonprofit organization in your region that truly shines? A group that seeks to improve the area or make a positive impact through their efforts? Nominate them for consideration of a $7,000 grant.

Great Lakes Energy has teamed up with CoBank, one of it’s lenders, to create a positive impact in your community by awarding three $7,000 grants to local nonprofit organizations.

GLE members are asked to submit the names of 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to be considered in their region. Once the nomination period is over, submissions will be reviewed, vetted, and approved by GLE. With the approved nominations collected, GLE members will once again be called upon to place their vote and ultimately determine each recipient of the North, Central, and South region grants.

Additional program information can be found on the Community Grant Giveaway Rules and Guidelines page.

Community Grant Giveaway - North, Central, and South regions

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Your Community Grant Giveaway Winners

North Region

“Grass River Natural Area is a 1,492-acre nature preserve. It is open year-round with a mission that includes conservation, protection of the area, and provides education to all ages about the natural environment of this beautiful area of Michigan. It encourages the appreciation and stewardship of the area through numerous educational and community-wide activities. The area would not be as pristine if it were not for the efforts of the staff and the large number of volunteers that champion this cause.”

Central Region

“The increased cost of food makes it hard for families to provide good, healthy meals. Mason County has seen an increase of people needing the service of the food bank to feed their families. Since food costs are rising, The Lakeshore Food Club needs more funds than ever to provide this service.”

South Region

“The Bass Lakes Area Environmental Partnership 501c3 organization was created in 2021 by riparians from Big Bass and Little Bass Lakes in Irons, Michigan committed to education and the control and prevention of aquatic invasive species through innovation and cutting-edge science. Its mission is to promote public awareness, forge partnerships among citizens, scientists, and professionals, and foster the protection of the lakes’ ecosystems for today and for generations to come. Big Bass and Little Bass Lakes are all-sports lakes and have public access, allowing visitors and local residents to enjoy our beautiful waters year-round.”

Your Community Grant Giveaway Finalists

North Region

“22 2 NONE provides veteran suicide awareness and veteran assistance throughout Northern Michigan. They are saving the lives of our American heroes!”

“Our Mission is to reduce suicide through prevention education and to assist and empower those in crisis. Our organization helps with financial assistance for mental health through counseling, therapy, and outpatient care. We also fund conferences on suicide prevention in our area, suicide prevention training, and provide booths at many events raising awareness of the importance of mental health. We have many resources for places in our area to receive help, numbers to contact for assistance, and how to help those who are suicidal. Knowledge is key in providing HOPE.”

“Challenge Mountain helps a lot of mentally or physically disabled people in our area to do things that would be difficult or even impossible for them otherwise. They are working to provide a wider variety of activities beyond skiing, which was the starting point. These activities now include biking, rock climbing, equestrian, and art classes as well as fun social gatherings.”

“Charlevoix Circle of Arts (CCA) provides art opportunities for their local community and the Northwest Michigan region. They operate on a very low budget with minimal employees and volunteers. CCA does its best to offer programs to adults and youth, and there is a growing need for more creative outlets.  They serve as a venue for local artists to sell and show their work as well. They are in need of additional funding in order to continue to prosper and continue to be a huge cultural asset to their community.”

“CTAC tremendously enhances our community by providing arts, entertainment, education, and engagement. In addition to offering many adult classes, their youth programming has directly equipped many of our area youth with the skills to pursue the arts as successful careers.”

“This group has been taking in ‘orphaned’ animals for several years. They are a no-kill shelter that mainly helps pets that are homeless because their former owners can no longer keep them in their homes. The founders of this shelter have spent many hours and dollars of their own to help these unfortunate pets.  They deserve any help they can get.”

KAIR does a great job helping people find the resources and providing the resources they need. Along with a store, they also provide a free meal per week at their soup kitchen, groceries multiple times per month for seniors, as well as families. Every Christmas they also provide a free Christmas meal for families in the community. They know how to point people to the right places to get help for utility assistance, wood for your fireplace, and transportation. Kalkaska would struggle mightily taking care of families in need without KAIR.”

“The Flywheelers are a 100% volunteer organization. They have 2 events a year. One is their annual show. The 2nd is Student Harvest Days where approximately 1,400 – 4th graders come to learn about ‘Life in the Past Lane’ teaching them what life was like 100 years ago.”

Central Region

“Circle Rock S Children’s Farm Inc. is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit org. Since 1995 they have provided touch therapy and recreation FREE of charge to people with special needs. They are in great need of raising funds for a wheelchair ramp and other repairs.”

“They support many community projects including invasive plant removal, beach clean-ups, and educational programs for adults and children. AFFEW nurtures a healthy planet for all by creating experiences that show people their connection to the environment, engage next generations, educate people on what they can do, and inspire everyone to take action.”

“The Hart Historic District is a nonprofit, volunteer-run, beautiful historic district consisting of a very large museum and six historic outbuildings. One thing they do is take 5th graders through the museum where they see the history they know nothing about before. Indian artifacts, mounted animals, dairy history, Indian Chief Cabmoosas cabin, a one-room school, and a few other things spark their interest. Open to the public during the summer.”

“This organization has helped hundreds of homeless dogs and cats find forever homes. They spay/neuter, vet check, vaccinate, etc. and make sure that every pet is healthy and in the appropriate home.”

“RLYC is a day and resident camp for children ages 5 – 14 from Osceola, Lake, and Mecosta counties. Over 50% of the campers receive scholarships to attend camp free. Located on beautiful Rose Lake outside of LeRoy, campers enjoy arts and crafts, archery, games, waterfront activities, campfires, and overnight camping. Camp is kid-focused with outdoor adventure at the center of activities.”

“They are a wonderful organization that manages four of Michigan’s iconic lighthouses in the area from Ludington to Whitehall. They are preserving our wonderful maritime history.”

“The TLC Baby Pantry & Reading Room has at its heart two missions: to care for the physical needs of babies and toddlers in our community by providing essentials such as diapers, baby hygiene products, bottles, formula, and baby and toddler foods. We also are concerned to place in their hands each month age-appropriate books while talking about reading with parents with our every interaction. We provide moms (and dads – and grandparents, too) with things like personal care items and other extras to let them know that they are important, too! Every month we have some form of a themed giveaway for families. We supplement so much of the parental needs that are not covered by other supports such as Bridge card or WIC programming. I’m so proud to help volunteer with this organization.”

“Wilwin Lodge was founded to serve all veterans regardless of affiliation. This premier retreat was established to provide a sanctuary for rest and recuperation for our disabled combat veterans: to offer a place for reuniting and reconnecting families after military deployments, and to provide therapeutic and recreational activities adding to the healing process for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury patients.”

South Region

“Because they help the whole county of Newaygo with emergency food and supplies.”

“This organization has made a positive impact on our community by raising awareness of mental health and changing the negative stigma which surrounds mental health. This organization offers programs to our county’s schools and families helping them process traumas and work through other mental health issues.”

“Hope 101 is in the process of moving the nonprofit to a structured and impactful entity in our community. Hiring their first executive director in January 2022, they are working to help reduce homelessness in Newaygo County. Owning two houses for transitional purposes to assist homeless participants, Hope 101 has the vision of empowering individuals to move to a place of success and self-sufficiency. Our communities are in an affordable housing crisis. Hope 101 works to bridge the gap in circumstances that are often beyond people’s control. A helpful grant will allow them to assist more people and empower them for success.”

“Love, Inc. (Love in the Name of Christ) does wonderful work in the community, working through and on behalf of the local churches of many church denominations.”

“This organization helps the community by providing a thrift shop, helping homeowners/renters with house repairs and cleanup, providing classes to help with financial stability, coordinating with local churches for additional support, as well as counseling. They are well respected in the community.”

“This organization is devoted to curating the historical artifacts of the local area and sharing historical knowledge through their Museum. Community support is consistent. The cultural awareness that this organization brings to the local area serves to enhance the living experience in the entire region. A donation to this organization will mean that it can provide high-quality enrichment activities and outreach to a much broader segment of the local population.”

“The CrossRoads theatre is a family-friendly community theatre producing 4-5 full-length plays a year for a total of 24-36 live performances. The summer and holiday productions always have a cast involving youth and teens. This is a great educational experience in working collaboratively. There are opportunities for all community members to be involved in the production process from being in the cast, and working back-stage to selling tickets. The organization is 100% volunteer-run.  They maintain a building, all stage equipment (lighting, sound, projection), costumes, sets, etc.  Thank you for your consideration!”

“Sylvia’s place is an amazing organization that helps women who are victims of domestic violence. They house them, help with legal action, and help to get women back on their feet. I can’t think of a more deserving organization.”

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