Community Grant Giveaway

Is there a nonprofit organization in your area that is truly making a positive impact in the community? Would the group's efforts benefit from additional financial support? In a matter of minutes, your input could help the group become the next recipient of a $7,000 grant.

Great Lakes Energy has teamed up with CoBank, one of it’s lenders, to create a positive impact in your community by awarding three $7,000 grants to local nonprofit organizations.

GLE members are asked to submit the names of 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to be considered in their region. Once the nomination period is over, submissions will be reviewed, vetted, and approved by GLE. With the approved nominations collected, GLE members will once again be called upon to place their vote and ultimately determine each recipient of the North, Central, and South region grants.

Additional program information can be found on the Community Grant Giveaway Rules and Guidelines page.

Community Grant Giveaway - North, Central, and South regions

Online Nominations


Nonprofits Selected

May 25 – June 9, 2024

June 10 – 21, 2024

Grants Awarded

2024 Community Grant Giveaway Finalists

North Region

“This year is Challenge Mountain’s 40th anniversary of providing community-based adaptive recreation services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. The organization charges little or nothing for its services including cultural events, dance and art classes, water sports, fishing, SPIRIT DAY CAMP, adventure education, special events, and more.”

“This incredible organization has been serving a record number of clients in Crawford County and dealing with inflated prices on all food and personal/household items. The director and board have tried to trim things back as much as possible and still be able to serve the needs of their clients.”

“This organization does so much for so many people. They help everyone in need in whatever capacity they can. From providing food to area families and students to supporting veterans and handicapped community members, Do a Little Good knows no bounds as they do the most good with what little resources they have.”

“This organization helps feed over 100 families in the Johannesburg area every Friday. They are always available to help anyone in need at any time.”

“Grandmas Purse helps children participate in outside of school activities that promote growth, access to positive role models, team building skills and creativity, when the family has a special circumstance that would keep the child from participating. And Grandmas Purse helps children and families at Christmas to have a Christmas when circumstances would keep them from having a Christmas.”

“Provides hundreds if not thousands of meals a week, especially youth in need, in Emmet, Antrim, and Charlevoix counties. As volunteers for more than 10 years we can attest to how important Manna is to the less privileged in our communities.”

“NCM provides much-needed counseling and mediation to families and individuals often in crisis and as a preventative or alternative method for conflict resolution and better outcomes for all parties. Many services and programs are offered free or based on needs assessment and operate largely based on donations.”

“Northmen Dens has 14 school-based youth food pantries located in middle & high schools in Emmet County – Alanson, Pellston, Harbor Springs, and Petoskey. Each school took it upon themselves to name their pantry. These food pantries feed limited-income households with a lack of resources, and we’re happy to help with generous donations and support from the community and volunteers. Not only do the students shop for groceries and supplies on Friday for the weekend, but they also never hesitate to mention what the needs of their household are. What started down a church basement has grown into 14 school-based pantries!”


“NFIS works with the families of vulnerable children, trying to keep children safely in their family homes. They do this by teaching in-home parenting, safety, hygiene, household organization, and so much more to help stop or even learn about the trauma children face right now.”

“Project Feed the Kids started providing sack lunches during COVID-19 when kids suddenly stopped going to school. Project Feed the Kids provides something like 7,500 sacked lunches a week for the coolers. They have six or seven coolers in different counties, including Kalkaska, where when it is stocked, it is empty within a day or two. They help fight food insecurity.”

Central Region

“The pantry provides much-needed support for people in our community who struggle to feed their families. The increasing cost of groceries is affecting more and more people in our area, particularly those who are unemployed or on fixed incomes. They’re the only food pantry at the East end of Mason County that customers rely on. A needed pantry for our community. “

“Camp Living Waters is located in a rural area near Luther, Michigan, and serves young people from around Michigan at overnight camps throughout the summer. It also hosts weekend retreats for adults and families around different themes throughout the year. Camp Living Waters is committed to keeping camps affordable and relies on donations to offset the costs of camp.”

“COVE serves multiple counties in the GLE area ensuring people have access to shelter, protection, and advocacy if they are unfortunate victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Amazing efforts helping domestic violence survivors.”

“Footprints in Time is a day program for adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities. FIT provides skill-building, social interaction, and community living support to its participants, as well as respite for caregivers. Without this program, many of the individuals who attend wouldn’t have anywhere else to go during the week and remain cooped up in their homes, at times with no visitors at all.”

“We are feeding children with food insecurities on weekends in Mason County Central and Mason County Eastern schools during the school year.”

“They provide a resource for the entire county free of charge. Kids receive their items the day the order is placed. No child will be denied this service.”

“Helps with homeless dogs and cats finding home and veterinary care. Helps spay/neuter dogs and cats to decrease unwanted animals. Provides Community education.”

“CTG is the only live community theater in Osceola County. The Guild converted a former church in the heart of town into a theater with the additions of a stage, lights, a control booth, and a scene workshop. Productions feature a large array of period costumes, props, and most importantly, comfortable seats.”

“The Center offers programs for all ages and events for the family. We have a play/workout gym, pool table, ping pong, and many games to offer. Play and learn with the Great Start Program of Lake Co., Relationship building, hands on learning such as sewing and art. The River also houses The Hope Chest Pantries which provides free clothing on Mondays and Wednesdays and personal care items on Wednesdays. All events and programs are free to the public.”

“Wings of Freedom is a nonprofit organization that for the past 18 years has provided a free outdoor recreational opportunity every year over a four-day period in September for veterans and first responders; the program is completely free to all participants and is administered by 100% volunteer participation. Wings of Freedom’s mission is to provide a free outdoor event to say thank you and help calm the souls of those who have selflessly served both foreign and domestic, as well as enhancing our volunteers lives.”

South Region

“This organization’s primary objective is to feed children from low-income families. Each week during the school year, hundreds of bags of food are distributed among two Michigan counties so the children will have food over the weekend. Angels of Action is home to nine programs in Mecosta and Osceola Counties that work to assist our community in several ways, addressing physical, emotional, and educational needs.”

“Arbor Circle’s Mission is to advance mental well-being through counseling and supportive services in partnership with people and communities. They provide services in 12 counties in West Michigan, with five physical locations in Allegan, Kent, Muskegon, Newaygo, and Ottawa. Arbor Circle focuses on child care and healthy development in infants and young children; shelter/housing and counseling/case management with youth and young adults, counseling and case management with adults, and counseling and prevention/education with families.”

“Benny’s House is an emergency food pantry serving the Newaygo County area. It’s volunteer-run and funded by grants and donations. They go above and beyond for their community helping wherever they can with diapers to food, even helping with animals when they can. They honestly care about each and every person they have come in contact with.”

“The Wayland Catz Den is locally owned and operated by an amazing woman and children of her own family. She hires local teens starting off on their first jobs and the disabled. She provides a local community meeting place for neurodivergent, disabled, and everyone alike. This locally centered business is in walking distance of all the schools. CCL should not be looked at as an alternative to traditional therapeutic options, but a support system to the client and family where we can work on goals already established for the clients: occupation therapy, speech therapy, mental health awareness, and more!”

“Empowerment Network offers a safe a supportive environment in the community for those who have experienced mental and emotional difficulties.”

“Helping Hands serves a supply of food to the less fortunate in the Tri-County Schools district and outlying communities. It serves Howard City, Amble, Coral, Sand Lake, and Pierson and not only offers food but also provides quilts, blankets, hats, and gloves to those who need them during the winter months. They serve a great number of individuals each month and try to see that families have at least a 3-day supply of food monthly. The organization is depended upon by many, many families and is a source of both spiritual and guidance counseling when needed.”

“This organization is 100% volunteer, and they help enrich the lives of kids with severe mobility issues. With their support, kids who would not be able to enjoy some of the little things in life like go to the beach, travel with their family, attend a camp, etc., now can. Lori’s Voice was started by a woman with MS who has been in a wheelchair. Lori’s Voice provides financial support for adaptive equipment, therapy, vans, and many other items so that these children can enjoy life a little bit better.”

“This organization has been doing incredible things to help dog owners keep their pets fed, healthy, and out of the shelter. They provide food, collars, leashes, toys, and treats to families in need of help with their pets. They have also hosted free spay and neuter clinics to help with the overpopulation of dogs in the area. They also provided igloos, warming bowls, and more to help take care of dogs who are unfortunately living outside during the cold winter months. Their slogan is educate, unchain, repeat.”

“A homeless shelter that serves Newaygo, Lake, Osceola, and Mecosta counties. Hundreds of people have been blessed to have a place to go during some difficult times in their lives. They help people get medical assistance, jobs, learn to budget, eventually their own housing, etc. They are a very worthwhile organization, and a grant would be most beneficial. Thank you for considering this wonderful and very needed organization.”

“They go above and beyond to help those in need, those transitioning out of abusing relationships, and those who need counseling. They do all of this on a shoestring budget and make dollars stretch. The vision at Vera’s House is to create a safe, vibrant, and welcoming place of healing, wellness, and education and a vision of God’s kingdom in our community, by working in collaboration with other health, wellness, and social service programs and agencies.”—outreach-ministry.html



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