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Welcome to Great Lakes Energy, where you’re more than a customer. You’re a member-owner.

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As the third-largest Michigan-based electric utility and the largest member-owned power company in Michigan, we have succeeded because we’re a well-run business that is committed to providing energy solutions to more than 125,000 member-consumers in 26 counties in western and northern Michigan, from Kalamazoo to the Mackinac Straits. For more than 80 years, our success has been built around the mutual trust we share with our member-consumers. That’s because our members are also the owners of our electric cooperative.

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Two employees of Great Lakes Energy

Great Lakes Energy is governed by a Board of Directors that is elected by our member-owners. We were formed more than 80 years ago for the sole purpose of providing service and value to our member-owners. Today, we continue looking out for you, with eight office locations and more than 230 employees to serve the needs of our members.

As a member-owned cooperative, Great Lakes Energy allocates and eventually returns profits to our members in the form of capital credit refunds. We have provided capital credit refunds in the form of a billing credit annually since 2003. We will continue to do so as financial conditions allow.

Our rates, rules, regulations and bylaws also provide helpful information for members.

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