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Photo Contest

Enter the “Pay My Bill” Photo Contest!

Every month we will announce a new theme and invite you to take and submit your best shot. The photo with the most votes will appear in Michigan Country Lines magazine, along with some of our other favorites. All photos printed in the magazine will be entered to win a credit of $200 on their December 2018 GLE bill.

Remember, only members of Great Lakes Energy are eligible to enter.


Issues, Topics & Deadlines

Appears in June 2018 Michigan Country Lines:  Outdoor Adventures — ENTRIES/VOTING CLOSED

Appears in July/Aug. 2018 Michigan Country Lines:  Fan Spirit — ENTRIES/VOTING CLOSED 

Appears in Sept. 2018 Michigan Country Lines:  Fall Colors — ENTER & VOTE JUNE 1 – 20, 2018

Appears in Oct 2018 Michigan Country Lines:  Pumpkin Faces — ENTER & VOTE JULY 1 – 20, 2018