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Start Service

Welcome to Great Lakes Energy! We are happy to have you join our co-op. To start brand-new residential electric service, download your application here.

To start brand-new commercial electric service, download your application here.

To start service for an existing meter, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to complete the transfer.

*A security deposit may be requested before providing or continuing service. Please note, construction could be delayed by supply chains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to start a new service? The information below provides information related to Residential services.

Yes – the costs vary based on the type of service you want, the design, and the distance. 300 feet of free footage is available for permanent residential services if certain requirements are met. (Footage does not include costs related to right of way clearing, boring, hand digging, winter charges, or road permits.)

The site must have a permanent structure, with a foundation, and the structure must be served by the electrical service being supplied. The site must also have a County approved septic system and a well (or a connection to municipal sewer and water).

Service requests where there is no well, septic, or permanent building such as empty lots, RV sites, or pre-build tiny homes will be charged at full construction cost determined by the site engineer.

For a tiny home to qualify, the member will be required to have a permanent foundation to which the home is anchored as well as install a county-inspected well and septic and served by the electric service being supplied.

Any footage that is over the 300’ allowance is charged at the following rate:

  • Overhead (OH) Primary – $9.00 per foot
  • OH Secondary – $6.00 per foot
  • Underground (UG) Primary – $11.00 per foot
  • UG Secondary (200A service) – $6.50 per foot
  • UG Secondary (Larger than 200A service) – $8.00 per foot

For temporary underground service that is less than 15’ from an existing GLE pole, there is a flat fee of $775, and overhead service less than 15’ from an existing GLE pole is $525. This is nonrefundable. Any temporary installation requiring over 15’ is at the actual construction cost determined by the site engineer.

Additional structures will be invoiced at the actual construction cost.

Yes, if the barn is on the same parcel and service is provided by the same transformer as the house.

Yes, submit an application with a $75 fee, and the site engineer will provide an estimate.

That varies on the season and the number of requests ahead of yours. Weather, outages, supply chain issues, and other items may delay the installation.

Sure can! If there is an existing pole to place the light, then no installation costs are charged. There are no charges for the light fixtures but any additional materials required for installation – including, but not limited to poles, wire, and transformers – will be charged in full.

Stop Service

We hate to see you go but wish you the best for the future. Please call our office at 888-485-2537 during business hours to end your service and provide us with a forwarding address for your last bill.

Relocate or Upgrade Your Existing Service

If you need to relocate your existing service on your property or wish to upgrade your service, please fill out the Application for Relocation or Upgrade and return to us. 

Please note, construction could be delayed by supply chains.

Needed Items

Meter Base Pickup Locations & Local Contact Information
Standard meter bases can be obtained at any Great Lakes Energy service center. County contact information is highlighted in this document to assist in finding an electrical inspector and registration of easements.

You can find our electronically fillable form here or download easement instructions and an example here. You can also request a form be mailed to you by calling 888-485-2537.

* Please note that unpaid balances from previous accounts with Great Lakes Energy, O&A Electric, Oceana Electric, Western Michigan Electric or Top O’Michigan Electric must be paid (if applicable) before service can be started. A security deposit may be requested before providing or continuing service.

Truestream High-Speed Internet

Interested in pairing your electric service with Truestream high-speed fiber internet? Check our interactive map to see if your new home or business construction is in an active Truestream construction or in-service area.

If Truestream is actively building or installing in your area and you would like service, return the New Service Application with the Truestream Internet and Voice Services box checked in the ‘Additional Products & Services section.’

For additional information, check out the Truestream Frequently Asked Questions.

Change Address

new home welcome mat
Going away for the winter or changing your address? Please fill out the form below.

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