Start, Stop or Change Service

Need to make changes to your service? Find information for your situation below.

Start Service

Welcome to Great Lakes Energy! We are happy to have you join our co-op.  To Start Brand New Electric – download your application here: New Service Application.

To start service for an existing meter, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to complete the transfer.

*A security deposit may be requested before providing or continuing service.

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Stop Service

We hate to see you go but wish you the best for the future. Please call our office at 888-485-2537 during business hours to end your service and provide us with a forwarding address for your last bill.

Relocate or Upgrade Your Existing Service

If you need to relocate your existing service on your property or wish to upgrade your service, please fill out the Application for Relocation or Upgrade and return to us. 

Needed Items

Meter Base Pickup Locations & Local Contact Information
Standard meter bases can be obtained at any Great Lakes Energy service center or one of the locations identified in this directory PDF. County contact information is also highlighted in the document to assist in finding an electrical inspector and registration of easements.

You can find our electronically fillable form here or download easement instructions and an example here. You can also request a form be mailed to you at 888-485-2537.
* Please note that unpaid balances from previous accounts with Great Lakes Energy, O&A Electric, Oceana Electric, Western Michigan Electric or Top O’Michigan Electric must be paid (if applicable) before service can be started. A security deposit may be requested before providing or continuing service.

Change Address

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Going away for the winter or changing your address? Please fill out the form below.
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Grant Application

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