GLE Members Save on Prescriptions with Co-op Connections

Feb. 26, 2015
If you’ve filled a prescription lately and were shocked by the price, you may want to check out the Co-op Connections card for your next prescription.
Prescriptions cost more than ever.  More than one-third of available generic drugs cost over $100 per prescription (source:  Catamaran, a pharmacy benefit manager that administers prescription drug programs). Combine that with mounting deductibles on insurance plans and it’s easy to see why out-of-pocket prescription expenses have skyrocketed.
The free Co-op Connections card, available to all Great Lakes Energy members, helps reduce out-of-pocket expenses by providing another option when paying for prescriptions. GLE encourages its members to offer both an insurance card and the Co-op Connections card whenever they fill a prescription at a participating pharmacy. Simply ask the pharmacist to find which card offers the lowest price.
There are many ways to save with your Co-op Connections card. Use it to receive discounts on products and services and local and national businesses. Tap into its Healthy Savings feature for discounts through participating providers on prescriptions, dental, vision, hearing, lab work and imaging, and chiropractor visits. Find coupons to clip on your everyday purchases through its feature, or download the Cash Back Mall shopping assistant to get money back for buying online at many popular retailers.
For more information such as participating retailers or medical providers, or to print your own card, go to and enter your zip code or create a personal account login. You can also call us at 888-485-2537 ext. 8957.
Co-op Connections:  It’s just another way Great Lakes Energy is looking out for you.

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