Spring Planting Safety Guide

May 20, 2016
Plant safely by selecting a location well clear of power lines, both overhead and underground.
Trees that grow into overhead power lines create a safety hazard and threat to your electric service. Digging into an underground power line can be deadly.  Also, a flower garden planted below power lines could be damaged by crews should they need to repair the lines due to a storm or other emergency.
Learn how to avoid the risks by visiting our website. View our Vegetation Management Program brochure for information on how to plant safely.
The best plan is to plant the right tree in the right place.

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Jim Bissell
Jim Bissell
7 years ago

yes I have experience with the power company here in belmont cutting down pink lady apple trees that were never going to be allowed to grow up into the lines. and some black walnut saplings i fully intended to move. then they inform me 6 months later they are moving the lines from my back yard to my front yard where they will cut down the cottonwood trees leaving my whole yard treeless. you dont own the land you just have to pay the taxes on it.

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