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Community Solar Coming to GLE Members in 2017

December 30, 2016

by Great Lakes Energy President/CEO Bill Scott

What if there was an easy, inexpensive way for you to support local generation of clean, renewable energy?

If you’ve ever considered making solar part of your home’s energy mix, but then didn’t because of high costs or maintenance requirements, we’re happy to tell you that solar energy is more accessible than you might think!

We are joining our power supplier, Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative, in a community solar project. Later this year, Great Lakes Energy members will be able to purchase a community solar subscription in a new solar array being built near Wolverine’s Cadillac headquarters. It will consist of 4,352 solar panels that together can generate up to 1.7 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year.

What type of program is this? Community solar programs harness natural energy from the sun and often cost less than installing a solar system at your home or business.

The community solar model is easy to understand. You purchase a share of the energy produced, similar to taking out a subscription. The energy is distributed to the power grid and subscribers receive credits that lower their electric bills. Best of all, you benefit by helping to put clean energy on the grid.

Participating in a community solar program also eliminates maintenance costs and concerns that can be irritating for those who own and maintain their own residential solar system. With community solar, your electric cooperative covers the installation, maintenance and all ongoing costs, making it easy for members to “go solar.”

We’re currently doing the planning and preparation work necessary for us to effectively start offering the program to our members. Once that’s done, we can begin signing up subscribers. Meanwhile, visit for updates.

We’re excited to offer members this opportunity to help build a cleaner energy future. It’s another way we’re looking out for you.

Stay tuned.

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