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Six People Fund Contributors Just Won $100

On June 1, the following GLE members who contribute to the People Fund were randomly selected to each receive a $100 credit on their electric bill:

Erica Gamble, Leroy
Wanda Rushton, Mancelona
Kathy Wellman, Hastings
Matthew Henry, Indianapolis
Robert Halliday, Gaylord
Frank Weger, Grand Rapids
If you’d like a chance to be one of the next six winners in December, join the People Fund. All People Fund contributors have the chance to win a $100 bill credit twice per year.

In 2016, the People Fund awarded $204,752 in grants to local nonprofits. Since 1999, total grant funds issued exceed $3 million. See the People Fund 2016 Annual Report for more information on grants.

People Fund contributions by GLE members average 50 cents a month and are made by members volunteering to have their bills rounded up to the next even dollar amount. The difference goes into the People Fund to be used for grants awarded twice a year to organizations in your communities.

Want to make a greater impact? Enroll in People Fund PLUS. Choose a donation level in addition to your rounded-up amount.


With People Fund: Bill amount $65.42 + $0.58 for People Fund = $66.00

With People Fund PLUS: Bill Amount $65.42 + $0.58 for People Fund + $2.00 (or any even dollar amount of your choice) for PLUS = $68.00

Enroll today and join the GLE members who do so much for their communities for so little through the People Fund.



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