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An Easy, Affordable Way to "Own" Solar

New this year, GLE offers a way for its members to “own” solar without the expense of installing a system or the hassle of maintaining it.

The SpartanSolar community solar program works by allowing GLE members to invest in a subscription to a solar farm near Cadillac. Rather than putting solar panels on your property, a subscription entitles you to a share of the energy produced by SpartanSolar’s utility-scale community solar array. Great Lakes Energy continues delivering your electricity and you’ll receive solar credits on your utility bill. That leaves you nothing to install or maintain, and you can cancel at any time.

In addition, subscribers easily contribute to the sustainability of our plant by using more solar energy. The SpartanSolar community array can power nearly 200 rural Michigan homes.

A 15-year panel subscription costs $600. Participants can expect an average bill credit of $40 per year, which will vary from month-to-month based on weather conditions. GLE members who pay the subscription price up front may be eligible for a $150 Energy Optimization rebate on their subscription. Members can also finance the subscription by having payments of $10 a month charged to their electric bill for five years.

Learn more and sign up at, or call GLE at 888-GTLAKES (888-485-2537).

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