GLE Employees holding an American flag

Fly Those Flags Proudly!

GLE Employees holding an American flag

Tomorrow is the 4th of July.

Just like many other businesses, Great Lakes Energy takes pride in displaying the American flag. In fact, if you noticed our Facebook post on Flag Day (June 14), you saw photos taken by our employees of flags at five of our locations.

We display the American flag as a symbol of unity. Although our membership, scattered over 26 counties in west Michigan, is as diverse as you can find, we stand together under that flag as a reminder of the cooperative difference that’s part of the fabric of America. We’re a business born from a group of Americans who marched to Washington, D.C., 80 years ago and returned with the means of bringing electricity to their rural population when no one else would. If that’s not a show of unified strength and independence, we don’t know what is.

Displaying our nation’s flag is important to us for other reasons, too. First, we have our share of veterans who are either GLE employees or employees of contractors who work for us. We’re proud to employ veterans.

Next, by flying the flag, we mean to honor not only employees and members who are veterans, but also their family members. Visit our Boyne City lobby and you’ll see a photo featuring two U.S. Marines who are children of GLE members. We respect the sacrifices of not only those who serve(d), but the family members who love and support them. We know the cost on both sides. We fly our flag for them all.

So Happy Independence Day to everyone! (Yes, we’re closed July 4.) Celebrate, but please be safe and responsible. Thanks for being our members.

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