How to Save While Staying Cool

Let a heat pump keep you cool this summer. Then save all year long as well because heat pumps heat and cool.

Qualifying GLE members whose primary heating system is a ground- or air-source heat pump can have it separately metered for a lower kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate.

Our efficient electric heat rate offers a 3 cents per kWh credit year-round for qualifying ground-source heat pumps. Qualifying air-source heat pumps can receive the credit on bills during the heating season of November through May.

Rebates, too!

In addition to the reduced kWh rate, GLE rebates of $500 (ground-source) and $250 (air-source) are available for qualifying heat pump systems. For more information on the rebates and lower rate, call 888-485-2537, ext. 8957 or email [email protected].

Additional heat pump rebates up to $500 are available through GLE’s Energy Optimization program. Visit or call 877-296-4319.

You can also visit for more information from the Michigan Geothermal Energy Association on heat pumps and dealers in your area.

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