Don't Miss Out on Our Solar Rebates

Thinking About Solar? Consider THIS…

What if we told you that you can receive solar energy benefits without installing anything? 

You can! Subscriptions are still available in a Community Solar program for Great Lakes Energy members. The power is generated by an array of solar panels on property in Cadillac across from GLE’s power supplier, Wolverine Power Cooperative.    

How It Works

Purchase a subscription to buy power from a single panel for a monthly fee of $10 for five years or a one-time fee of $600. Purchase as many subscriptions as you would like. GLE continues delivering your energy and you receive monthly solar credits of 10 cents/kWh on your utility bill based on the amount of energy your solar panel produces.

Those who make the upfront payment of $600 may even qualify for a $150 rebate. (Rebate expires Dec. 31, 2017.)

There is nothing to install, nothing to maintain, and you can cancel at any time.

Visit the Spartan Solar website today to learn more about Community Solar and sign up for your first panel!

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Chuck Saputo
Chuck Saputo
6 years ago

The information on this Great Lakes page,, is very vague and misleading. I’m sure it is unintentional but it could easily be read to imply that I will receive a $.10 credit per KWH based on my GLE usage. After a quick calculation it is obvious that this would be impossible. After calling to discuss it was explained how the program actually works. I suggest a clearer description above to show members that the credits are not based on your personal usage but that of the solar panel.

Great Lakes Energy
6 years ago
Reply to  Chuck Saputo

Mr. Saputo, thank you for taking the time to bring your concern to our attention. We have now modified this blog post to better clarify the information about the $.10 credit per kWh, which of course is based on the output of the subscription panel. We appreciate your suggestion.

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