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Ways to Report an Outage

Great Lakes Energy offers several ways for members to report an outage.

  1. Call us 24/7! Use your landline or cell phone and dial 888-485-2537, then select the option to report your outage. Your information will be collected and logged by our automated outage management system (OMS). It’s helpful if you have your account number handy when calling. However, the automated system often recognizes your account by the phone number you use to call in, provided we have your current contact information on hand. (Update your contact information online here.)
  2. Create or login to your online GLE account at gtlakes.com. Once logged in, you can report your outage and the information goes directly into our OMS.
  3. Use the Great Lakes Energy mobile app to quickly and easily report your outage on your iPhone or Android device. (Search for Great Lakes Energy on the App Store.) Login information will be the same as for your online account.

Please do not report your outage by email or on social media, which are not monitored 24 hours a day.

To view current outages listed by county and zip code, visit Storm Central.

When storms hit, we’ll be looking out for you. 

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