Be Comfy & Save with a Heat Pump

Save all year with a heat pump because it heats AND cools.

One way qualifying members whose primary heating system is a heat pump (ground- or air-source) can save is to have the unit separately metered at a lower kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate.

GLE’s efficient electric heat rate offers a 3 cents per kWh credit year-round for qualifying ground-source heat pumps. Qualifying air-source heat pumps can receive the credit during the heating season (bills issued November through May).

To qualify for the lower rate, electric heat pumps must meet these energy efficiency standards:

  • Geothermal System – minimum requirements of EER 17.1 COP 3.6 for closed loop water-to-air; EER 21.1 COP 4.1 for open loop water-to-air; EER 16.1 COP 3.1 for closed loop water-to-water; EER 20.1 COP 3.5 for open loop water-to-water; EER 16 COP 3.6 for direct geoexchange.
  • Air-Source Heat Pump – minimum requirements of HSPF 8.5, EER 12.5, & SEER 15 for split systems and HSPF 8, EER 12 & SEER 14 for package systems.

GLE rebates of $500 (ground-source) and $250 (air-source) are available for qualifying systems. For more information on the rebates and lower electric rate, call 888-485-2537, ext. 8957, or email [email protected].

Additional heat pump rebates up to $750 are available through our Energy Optimization program. Does the heat pump have an ECM (variable speed) blower motor and a wi-fi enabled or smart occupancy sensing thermostat? Rebates are also available for them. Visit or call 877-296-4319.

The Michigan Geothermal Energy Association can tell you more about heat pumps and dealers in your area. Visit

Tax Credits

Ask your tax advisor about geothermal tax credits which are now retroactive to Jan. 1, 2017 and extended through Dec. 31, 2021.

NOTE:  Great Lakes Energy does not sell or service heat pumps.

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