GLE Aims to Satisfy

Members ranked Great Lakes Energy high in customer satisfaction during a 2017 national survey.

GLE scored 85 out of 100 points on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSE) survey, which was 10 points higher than the national investor-owned utility (IOU) average.

ACSI tracks trends in customer satisfaction for over 300 major companies that provide goods and services to U.S. consumers. The survey includes an Energy Utilities Index measuring customer satisfaction among residential consumers of 29 major utilities and other smaller energy providers.

GLE’s ACSI score resulted from a random sample of members who took our annual member survey online and by phone during fall of 2017 and answered the four ACSI questions. This latest score of 85 is the highest we received to date, above the national electric cooperative average, and significantly higher than the national IOU average.

“Naturally, we’re honored,” said Bill Scott, GLE’s president and CEO. “However, we won’t rest on our laurels. Member satisfaction will continue to be high on our list of corporate goals. We want members to view GLE as a dependable source of electricity with outstanding service.”

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