Great Lakes Energy member contemplates his electricity dollars becoming capital credit refunds.

When GLE Profits, So Do You

Part of the value of being a Great Lakes Energy member is that you are entitled to a share of the margins or profits the cooperative earns. Those profits are referred to as your capital credits.

How Much Did I Earn Last Year?

  • A short message appears on your May 2018 bill to inform you of the capital credit allocation amount you earned in 2017. This allocation amount is not a refund, but simply a record of your annual investment in your cooperative.
  • You’ll be notified when part of your allocations are to be returned to you as a refund, which is expected in December. GLE has refunded capital credits to its members for 15 straight years, amounting to more than $66 million during those 15 years.

How Is My Share Determined?

Capital credits are allocated based on the total amount members pay each year for electricity. If the total you paid last year was more than your neighbor, your allocation amount will also be larger.

What does GLE do with my capital credit allocation money?

Capital credits represent operating capital provided by the membership to the cooperative and are a major source of equity and operating funds for Great Lakes Energy.

At GLE, you are more than just a customer; you’re a member. The capital credits program is another way we look out for you.

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