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High-Speed Fiber Project Continues

In July, contracted crews will begin constructing GLE’s high-speed fiber internet network in our Petoskey service district. That covers Emmet County, small parts of Charlevoix and Cheboygan counties and Beaver Island.  (See map.)

Construction will follow these steps:

  • Crews attach fiber optic cable to GLE poles.
  • That process completes in 2020 or possibly sooner.
  • The fiber cable delivers high speed internet and phone service.
  • Beginning later this year, cable will be extended into the homes and businesses of GLE members in this district who subscribe.

If all goes as scheduled, a small number of GLE members will have high speed fiber service by the end of the year. In 2019 and beyond, we plan to add many more new subscribers in this initial area.

Benefits of Fiber

The addition of fiber optic technology will benefit all GLE members in the district, not just those who subscribe to the service.

  • Fiber will serve as a backbone for other fiber-based technologies that support reliability and outage restoration
  • Installation will bring fiber to the home for subscribers
  • Plans will include:
    • Three internet plans, all attractively priced
    • Optional landline phone service
    • Bundled discount pricing for phone and internet

How Does This Work and Who Owns It?

  • GLE created and owns a subsidiary, Truestream, that will be responsible for all project costs. With such an approach, no negative impact is anticipated on electric service or rates.
  • If the initial phase of this project is found successful, we will extend fiber internet service to other service areas based on member demand and other factors.

Want to let us know right now that you’re interested in having Truestream high-speed fiber internet service come to your area? Go to, learn more and register today!

We’ll tell you more about this exciting new project as it develops. Watch for news in Michigan Country Lines magazine and PowerTalk bill inserts, online and on our Facebook page.  

Map of fiber pilot area in parts of Emmet, Charlevoix and Cheboygan counties

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