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Remember: Vote for a GLE Director

Are you a GLE member in district 1, 2 or 7? Then you received a postage-paid mail-in ballot with your July/August issue of Michigan Country Lines. Please use the ballot to cast your vote for your board of director candidate. (Other members will have their opportunity to vote in 2019 or 2020.)

Voting is simple and convenient. Simply fill out the ballot and drop it in the mail. If you lost or accidentally threw away your ballot, contact us and we’ll send you another one.

Your nine directors on the GLE board are elected from each district for a three-year term.

Co-ops believe in the power of human connections. We encourage your participation in the board election process. If you live in districts 1, 2 or 7, please exercise your right to vote. It’s the cooperative difference.


  • District 1 – Emmet County
  • District 2 – Charlevoix and Cheboygan counties
  • District 7 – Oceana and Muskegon counties

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