Wedding photo of GLE employees Matt and Mandi

The "Power" of Love

We know, we know. You don’t think of your electric provider as anything particularly romantic.

But love can spark even in the most unlikely places, even within the walls of Great Lakes Energy.

Two years ago, Mandi Severn came to work for us in our Boyne City office as the assistant purchasing manager. She was excited to start her new career with us and wasn’t looking to find love at work.

Not long after, Matt Carey, a GLE lineworker, spotted Mandi and wanted to learn more about her. He messaged her through an online dating site and they agreed to meet.

Was it love at first sight?

“No,” laughs Mandi.

She made it clear to Matt she didn’t date co-workers. Not to be discouraged, Matt still joined Mandi in activities such as walking her dogs and attending church functions. They talked about their faith, beliefs, love of the outdoors and the U.P., and future goals, and decided to date based on all they had in common. Three months later, they became engaged. It wasn’t long before they married and embarked on a honeymoon motorcycle trip to Tennessee.

Matt and Mandi continue to build their lives together in their northern Michigan home near Boyne City while still working for GLE.

Inspired by Matt and Mandi’s romantic story, we wish all of you the power of love this special day and want you to know we love looking out for you.

Thanks for being our members!

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