Showing GLE logos throughout the years

Starting Fresh

by Bill Scott, Great Lakes Energy President/CEOBill Scott


The new year offers a chance to start fresh. For us, 2020 will mark 21 years since smaller electrical cooperatives banded together to form the largest electric co-op in Michigan:  Great Lakes Energy.

Through this  merger, the last 20 years have allowed us to bring more reliable service to you. We have been able to use new technology to enhance our services and connect the lives of our rural members to the future.

As we enter the next decade, we are excited to introduce a new look. We’ve updated our logo to carry 20 years of history forward into the future. The points of the triangle represent the three cooperatives coming together as one, the waves reflect the Great Lakes that surround us, and the sun represents a tremendous source of energy and brings our focus to the horizon with great things to come. As our new logo keeps our continuity with the past, it is updated to reflect our commitment to providing you with reliable services for your home and business. You’ve seen some of these already with Truestream, our high-speed fiber internet network. But we’re also continuing to plan for the growing demand for services that support electric vehicle ownership and renewable energy. These are just a few ways we are keeping our promise to provide you with valuable, reliable service.

We’re excited about the new look of our logo, but that’s just one change. We’ve also updated our website to make it easier to use. These changes may not seem very significant, but we think they are. They bring to the forefront all of the values and dedication that are the quiet engine driving everything we do. For the last 20 years, we have strived to go beyond expectations to connect our members to the greater world, and we will remain steadfast in that commitment.

We are built by the communities we serve, and we are working hard to empower and enrich our members’ lives. We remain a trusted partner, connecting you to the power you depend on with a purpose to serve our members and communities.

Power. Purpose. You.


Showing GLE logos throughout the years

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