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Response to COVID-19

Our cooperative is built on the strength of our members and the commitment of our employees and board members.

Safety is at the core of our mission to provide reliable electricity to rural Michigan homes and businesses.

As the nation responds to COVID-19, we are also taking precautionary measures to protect our employees and members in order to help prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Our business operations will not cease. We have our team ready to respond to member needs, power outages and other concerns.
  • We are limiting employee business travel and exposure to others at large events. We will be leveraging technology for meetings or remote work as the need arises.
  • We are following guidelines recommended by state and national agencies regarding proper disinfection of our facilities and encouraging employees to follow recommended protocols for proper hygiene.
  • We are encouraging our members to avoid unnecessary contact by communicating with us and paying their bill through electronic means or at an office drop box.

Updates will be shared with our members through our website and social media channels.

Our dedicated team remains steadfast in our commitment to our members.

Power. Purpose. You.

Great Lakes Energy Logo

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6 months ago

Why would you only encourage your employees for proper Hi Jean at Work. Why would you not require them to do proper hygiene just like you would do any other safety requirement?

greg w
greg w
6 months ago

I been reading a lot on fb about people worried about their power being shut off due to non-payment on their account.
Does your team have any words on this. having your power cut off at this trying time?
This would be heinous act to most people.

5 months ago


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