Two construction workers repairing power generator outdoors.

Generator Safety Tips

As we inch into the colder months, generator safety will become all the more important. As your trusted experts of all things electricity, we aim to keep you safe and informed, providing help where we can. In this series of safety related blog posts, we will be providing materials and insight in order to keep our members well informed and aware of resources available to them throughout their seasonal needs.

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Thomas Turgeon
8 months ago

A stationary generator with an automatic transfer switch is the best way to go. My 2nd home has lost power from GLE six times so far this year. A stationary generator with an automatic transfer switch can start automatically when the power from GLE is interrupted. I don’t have to be there to take emergency steps to prevent water pipes from freezing and food does not spoil in the refrigerator. I had to buy a big 32,000 watt generator because I put in geothermal heating and cooling a few years ago. A 6,500 watt portable generator cannot run a geothermal… Read more »

Pat Callan
Pat Callan
17 days ago

If you have solar panels will GLE buy unused power assuming proper equipment is used and is properly installed?

Steve Zucker
15 days ago
Reply to  Pat Callan

Hi, Pat! GLE has two programs for people who have solar panels. One, called “Buy All/Sell All,” is for people who have systems that will produce more than they expect to use. A brief description of both programs is available at For more information, please call 888-485-2537.

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