1 - Cousin in Garden - S. Pletcher

“Beautiful Gardens” Photo Contest Results

In each issue of Michigan Country Lines magazine, we showcase a photo contest theme. Members enter through our website, and submissions are shared for voting within our community. The top six photos that receive the most votes appear in a later issue of the magazine. All photos printed in Michigan Country Lines will be entered to win a credit of $200 on their December GLE bill.

April Issue – “Beautiful Gardens”

The six photos below received the most attention during our voting window. Thank you all so much for your submissions!

Remember, only amateur photographers who are members of Great Lakes Energy are eligible to enter. Employees and directors or members of households of employees or directors of Great Lakes Energy (GLE) and Michigan Electric Cooperative Association (MECA) may submit photos but are not eligible to win the bill credit. Please read the photo contest rules and release.

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John Rumley
John Rumley
2 years ago

Love the waterfall!!!!

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