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Avoid the Big Green Box

Great Lakes Energy brings electric service to our members using both overhead and underground distribution and service lines. Although underground lines and ground-based transformers are more protected from weather damage, they can be more at risk from human activity, such as excavating. Below is a list of safety tips that will help protect you and our crews in areas where our facilities are located on, or below ground level.

Stay away

Please stay away from pad-mounted transformers (the big green box). While safe, they are not meant for touching, climbing or playing. Pad-mounted transformers carry high voltages of electricity that serve many homes in our communities.

Transformers aren't toys

Never touch, climb or play on pad-mounted transformers. Never put fingers, sticks or other objects through cracks in the transformer.

Dig with diligence

Never dig near a pad-mounted transformer. They are surrounded by underground cables. Hitting the cable could result in electrical shock or disruption of service.
Always dial 8-1-1 before you dig.

Give us a call

Report problems. If you notice anything amiss, such as an unlocked transformer or one that has been damaged, please contact us immediately at 888-485-2537.

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Charlene Roberts
Charlene Roberts
2 years ago

this is good advice I did not know. I have seen boxes in wooded area’s that where neglected Hopefully Everyone will take note and tell kids and everyone about this.

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