North Region

“They help those in need with food, clothing, emergency assistance, and family resources. They will cover just about anything that is needed and they have a dedicated staff who give of themselves to help people.”

Central Region

“Bread of Life Food Pantry is located in the poorest county in Michigan and has serviced over 5,129 families, which is an increase of 1,165. They experienced 5,500 service hours by their many volunteers. Covid has put a strain on everyone, but particularly the poor. Expenses of food assistance, utilities, and transportation assistance are an increasing burden for all and are felt by Bread of Life. Every week they are unloading trucks, shopping for food, stocking shelves, and reaching out into the community while feeding the families that come every Wednesday. I would be proud to have the extended community recognize the efforts of Bread of Life through the support of GLE. My hope is that you will select Bread of Life, for the poor families of our community need You!”

South Region

“From 2016-2018, this riding center had a small therapeutic horseback riding program at the public riding stable. They provided weekly equine therapy during the summer months to numerous local families. They realized that in order to benefit the kids long-term they had to pursue a full-time, year-round therapy program. To accomplish this they started a 501c3 non-for-profit called Stony Lake Therapeutic Riding Center. They have been able to construct a 62′ x 120′ indoor riding arena. They currently have 26 weekly students and are able to provide progressive equine therapy to serve, encourage, and promote growth in individuals with physical, mental, social, and emotional challenges, improving their quality of life using horses as a catalyst.”

North Region

“22 2 NONE provides veteran suicide awareness and veteran assistance throughout Northern Michigan. They are saving the lives of our American heroes!”

“Our Mission is to reduce suicide through prevention education and to assist and empower those in crisis. Our organization helps with financial assistance for mental health through counseling, therapy, and outpatient care. We also fund conferences on suicide prevention in our area, suicide prevention training, and provide booths at many events raising awareness of the importance of mental health. We have many resources for places in our area to receive help, numbers to contact for assistance, and how to help those who are suicidal. Knowledge is key in providing HOPE.”

“Challenge Mountain helps a lot of mentally or physically disabled people in our area to do things that would be difficult or even impossible for them otherwise. They are working to provide a wider variety of activities beyond skiing, which was the starting point. These activities now include biking, rock climbing, equestrian, and art classes as well as fun social gatherings.”

“Charlevoix Circle of Arts (CCA) provides art opportunities for their local community and the Northwest Michigan region. They operate on a very low budget with minimal employees and volunteers. CCA does its best to offer programs to adults and youth, and there is a growing need for more creative outlets.  They serve as a venue for local artists to sell and show their work as well. They are in need of additional funding in order to continue to prosper and continue to be a huge cultural asset to their community.”

“CTAC tremendously enhances our community by providing arts, entertainment, education, and engagement. In addition to offering many adult classes, their youth programming has directly equipped many of our area youth with the skills to pursue the arts as successful careers.”

“Grass River Natural Area is a 1,492-acre nature preserve. It is open year-round with a mission that includes conservation, protection of the area, and provides education to all ages about the natural environment of this beautiful area of Michigan. It encourages the appreciation and stewardship of the area through numerous educational and community-wide activities. The area would not be as pristine if it were not for the efforts of the staff and the large number of volunteers that champion this cause.”

“This group has been taking in ‘orphaned’ animals for several years. They are a no-kill shelter that mainly helps pets that are homeless because their former owners can no longer keep them in their homes. The founders of this shelter have spent many hours and dollars of their own to help these unfortunate pets.  They deserve any help they can get.”

KAIR does a great job helping people find the resources and providing the resources they need. Along with a store, they also provide a free meal per week at their soup kitchen, groceries multiple times per month for seniors, as well as families. Every Christmas they also provide a free Christmas meal for families in the community. They know how to point people to the right places to get help for utility assistance, wood for your fireplace, and transportation. Kalkaska would struggle mightily taking care of families in need without KAIR.”

“The Flywheelers are a 100% volunteer organization. They have 2 events a year. One is their annual show. The 2nd is Student Harvest Days where approximately 1,400 – 4th graders come to learn about ‘Life in the Past Lane’ teaching them what life was like 100 years ago.”

Central Region

“Circle Rock S Children’s Farm Inc. is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit org. Since 1995 they have provided touch therapy and recreation FREE of charge to people with special needs. They are in great need of raising funds for a wheelchair ramp and other repairs.”

“They support many community projects including invasive plant removal, beach clean-ups, and educational programs for adults and children. AFFEW nurtures a healthy planet for all by creating experiences that show people their connection to the environment, engage next generations, educate people on what they can do, and inspire everyone to take action.”

“The Hart Historic District is a nonprofit, volunteer-run, beautiful historic district consisting of a very large museum and six historic outbuildings. One thing they do is take 5th graders through the museum where they see the history they know nothing about before. Indian artifacts, mounted animals, dairy history, Indian Chief Cabmoosas cabin, a one-room school, and a few other things spark their interest. Open to the public during the summer.”

“The increased cost of food makes it hard for families to provide good, healthy meals. Mason County has seen an increase of people needing the service of the food bank to feed their families. Since food costs are rising, The Lakeshore Food Club needs more funds than ever to provide this service.”

“This organization has helped hundreds of homeless dogs and cats find forever homes. They spay/neuter, vet check, vaccinate, etc. and make sure that every pet is healthy and in the appropriate home.”

“RLYC is a day and resident camp for children ages 5 – 14 from Osceola, Lake, and Mecosta counties. Over 50% of the campers receive scholarships to attend camp free. Located on beautiful Rose Lake outside of LeRoy, campers enjoy arts and crafts, archery, games, waterfront activities, campfires, and overnight camping. Camp is kid-focused with outdoor adventure at the center of activities.”

“They are a wonderful organization that manages four of Michigan’s iconic lighthouses in the area from Ludington to Whitehall. They are preserving our wonderful maritime history.”

“This baby pantry provides necessary items for families with babies in the community once a month. All essentials are provided, i.e. diapers, baby hygiene products, bottles, formula, and baby and toddler foods.  Moms are provided with feminine hygiene products, supplies for nursing moms, etc. Special items for parents and/or guardians are provided on holidays and special seasons. They supplement so much of the parental needs that are not covered by other support such as Bridge cards or WIC programming. I am so proud to help volunteer with this organization.”

“Wilwin Lodge was founded to serve all veterans regardless of affiliation. This premier retreat was established to provide a sanctuary for rest and recuperation for our disabled combat veterans: to offer a place for reuniting and reconnecting families after military deployments, and to provide therapeutic and recreational activities adding to the healing process for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury patients.”

South Region

“The Bass Lakes Area Environmental Partnership 501c3 organization was created in 2021 by riparians from Big Bass and Little Bass Lakes in Irons, Michigan committed to education and the control and prevention of aquatic invasive species through innovation and cutting-edge science. Its mission is to promote public awareness, forge partnerships among citizens, scientists, and professionals, and foster the protection of the lakes’ ecosystems for today and for generations to come. Big Bass and Little Bass Lakes are all-sports lakes and have public access, allowing visitors and local residents to enjoy our beautiful waters year-round.”

“Because they help the whole county of Newaygo with emergency food and supplies.”

“This organization has made a positive impact on our community by raising awareness of mental health and changing the negative stigma which surrounds mental health. This organization offers programs to our county’s schools and families helping them process traumas and work through other mental health issues.”

“Hope 101 is in the process of moving the nonprofit to a structured and impactful entity in our community. Hiring their first executive director in January 2022, they are working to help reduce homelessness in Newaygo County. Owning two houses for transitional purposes to assist homeless participants, Hope 101 has the vision of empowering individuals to move to a place of success and self-sufficiency. Our communities are in an affordable housing crisis. Hope 101 works to bridge the gap in circumstances that are often beyond people’s control. A helpful grant will allow them to assist more people and empower them for success.”

“Love, Inc. (Love in the Name of Christ) does wonderful work in the community, working through and on behalf of the local churches of many church denominations.”

“This organization helps the community by providing a thrift shop, helping homeowners/renters with house repairs and cleanup, providing classes to help with financial stability, coordinating with local churches for additional support, as well as counseling. They are well respected in the community.”

“This organization is devoted to curating the historical artifacts of the local area and sharing historical knowledge through their Museum. Community support is consistent. The cultural awareness that this organization brings to the local area serves to enhance the living experience in the entire region. A donation to this organization will mean that it can provide high-quality enrichment activities and outreach to a much broader segment of the local population.”

“The CrossRoads theatre is a family-friendly community theatre producing 4-5 full-length plays a year for a total of 24-36 live performances. The summer and holiday productions always have a cast involving youth and teens. This is a great educational experience in working collaboratively. There are opportunities for all community members to be involved in the production process from being in the cast, and working back-stage to selling tickets. The organization is 100% volunteer-run.  They maintain a building, all stage equipment (lighting, sound, projection), costumes, sets, etc.  Thank you for your consideration!”

“Sylvia’s place is an amazing organization that helps women who are victims of domestic violence. They house them, help with legal action, and help to get women back on their feet. I can’t think of a more deserving organization.”

North Region

“Licensed doctors, nurses, and others volunteer their time to provide FREE medical services to those who are uninsured and underinsured and have nowhere else to go. They serve all surrounding communities by offering these medical services. The Free Clinic is able to keep its doors open by operating strictly by donations and grants. They are a wonderful group of people and demonstrate what a community should be – caring for each other.”

“This organization raises money for suicide prevention. In a time where mental health issues are on the rise, every bit of help to get the word out there that people struggling are not alone, helps! I recently had a mental health emergency with my son and I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I was referred to Wayne and Jessica McPhall, the founders of Breanna’s Ride. They returned my call within 5 minutes and talked me through exactly what to do and where to take my son. Jessica has continued to reach out and check on my family. I was fortunate to save my child from making a terrible choice to take his life, thanks to them! They are literally angels on earth!”

“Camp Quality Michigan supports children with cancer and their families. During a scary and isolating time for children and their families, this nonprofit brings joy, friendship, laughter, and hope for a time free from cancer.”

“This organization is a group of volunteer women with no paid staff who provide significant support to Children in need and at risk in Emmet, Cheboygan, and Charlevoix counties. They touch several thousand kids at risk every year. The ladies are very committed to their mission to help our kids in this area and spend countless hours with no compensation whatsoever. 100% of donations go directly to the children.”

“KAIR is a nonprofit that works to help end poverty by providing services to needy people in the Kalkaska area. They provide food, fuel, and energy assistance to those facing emergencies. They offer help in the form of food, friendship, and direct assistance to prevent shut-offs and partner with other agencies and churches to solve larger issues.”

“This small nonprofit truly works hard to break through the stigma and taboo surrounding suicide and brings help, hope, and healing through suicide awareness and prevention programs across Northern Lower Michigan. This organization believes everyone should be trained in suicide awareness and intervention and does not want ‘cost to an individual’ to be a reason someone is not trained. All money that comes into Kiersten’s Ride goes back into providing training at no cost to our community members.”

“Manna Food Project is a nonprofit organization, that helps feed the hungry in Antrim, Charlevoix, and Emmet counties. Over 250 committed volunteers, partnering with a staff of eight, work together to achieve our mission. Manna is a partner organization of the national Feeding America Food Bank Network. Manna operates a food bank, a food rescue program, a weekly food pantry, and the Food 4 Kids backpack program. In 2020 they served 336,066 people in need and distributed over 1.7 million pounds of food to food pantries in the three counties.”

“They are working so hard to get books in children’s hands to keep for their own and to help improve their love of reading. They also work hard to promote and help families to raise happy and safe families from birth and beyond. They offer education for safe sleep and equipment, if needed, like pack-n-plays, car seats, sleep sacks, etc. They also provide education for lice treatment and kits, summer first aid kits, and education on how to keep kids safe in the sun and while playing.”

Central Region

“They have been around since 1990. AFFEW works with the community in creating a healthier environment. They have been educating citizens through balanced forums, workshops, presentations, and earth day. AFFEW is planning on building a community-based nature center in the next 5 years.”

“Circle Rocking S Children’s Farm is dedicated to providing animal touch therapy, music therapy, and recreation free of charge to children of all ages with disabilities. I have personally witnessed the great work this organization provides to a large geographical area of Michigan. I have seen the positive effects on the persons served, as well as their families and caregivers. If I had to choose a single word to describe this organization, it would be “JOY”. Just look at the faces depicted on the Circle Rocking S website! Those smiles speak thousands!”

“They have helped supply furniture, household goods, appliances, etc., to people in Mason County and at times people in Lake County.”

“They help all of Wexford and Osceola Counties. They are a Ministry that is run for all the surrounding churches. They help with homelessness, utility bills, food, clothes, and numerous other ways. An intake worker gets all the client information and figures out if they qualify. If they can’t help them, they always offer prayers and follow-up calls to see how they are doing. Such a compassionate, caring, and needed nonprofit for this area!”

“LACA is dedicated to bringing the arts to our small community. Through their efforts, a wide variety of artists are able to share their talents with the public and help to encourage arts education and growth.”

“The goals of Mason County PAWS are extremely important. They fill a gap in our community where dogs and cats are valued. They raise money for building a no-kill animal shelter in Mason County. They also rescue and foster homeless dogs and cats until a facility can be built. They have bought land, 12.5 acres near Ludington, which is accessible to most of the population. Any money raised will go directly to the animals, food, vet care, spay/neutering, vaccinations, testing, etc. All will be done before the dog or cat will be placed for adoption. Also, socializing is particularly important in getting the right home. Dogs and Cats are important to people, they are used as emotional support and help alleviate anxiety and stress. Our goals are to help people, as well as the dogs and cats, to get the right pet into the right homes.”

“This non-profit organization provides critical services to child victims of abuse in Mecosta, Osceola, Newaygo, and Lake counties which are all within the service areas for Great Lakes Energy. This service is a grass roots organization that was developed and implemented through community support and collaboration. Without funding, children within these communities who are in need of services must be transported to surrounding counties, which can be an hour or more away from the child’s home community, to receive services.”

“SPLKA is a local non-profit that manages the Little and Big Sable Point Lighthouses along with the Ludington North Breakwater Lighthouse and the White River Lighthouse. They are a grassroots organization whose purpose is to preserve, promote and educate the public, and make their lighthouses accessible to all. SPLKA couldn’t open the lights last year due to the pandemic losing over 90% of its projected income from tour climbs and gift shop sales and yet continued to work at preservation and maintenance at all four lights so they could once again be open to the public. They care for, and protect, four of Michigan’s iconic lighthouses and help bring thousands of visitors to the area they serve every year by having them open. They need our support.”

South Region

“Camp Newaygo has provided opportunities for girls to be their authentic selves and experience everything the outdoors in Michigan has to offer. Entering their 95th year, they have survived a myriad of challenges from a massive fire that destroyed the main lodge in the 1960s to being sold by the YWCA and subsequently repurchased by Ardent Camp alumni to operating during COVID with no reported cases (which also forced them to spend significant extra funds to make camp safe for everyone).”

“This organization helps keep families together that are homeless. They offer support, encouragement, and training that is needed to help get families back on their feet.”

“Hope 101 is a 501 (c)(3) transitional housing program for Newaygo County which provides up to six months of housing for homeless persons who are willing to set goals and do the work necessary to become self-sufficient. Referrals are made by area social services agencies, churches, schools, or individuals. A professional case manager screens applicants and supports program participants as they set goals and work to accomplish them. Related services include professional counseling, employment assistance and counseling, parenting guidance, financial planning and budgeting, personal support and mentoring, and other services as needed. The primary goal of Hope 101 Ministry is to assist those in our community who are experiencing homelessness to move from poverty to prosperity through a six-month structured program of goal setting and working toward self-sufficiency.

Examples of program participants include:

  • A young mother with three preschool-aged children whose husband was sent to jail. The young woman approached Hope 101 Ministry for assistance as she and the children were being evicted from their home.
  • A woman who had completed rehab needed a safe place to live where she would find new friends and support away from her former environment and abuse.
  • A young mother, recently divorced, sought help from her pastor because she could no longer afford to live in her home. Her pastor called Hope 101 after hearing about the program offering transitional housing to those in need.

The need is great and I believe Hope 101 does a wonderful job with very limited resources. A GLE donation would allow the charity to continue its good work.”

“An all-around benefit to Newaygo County, this Christian organization mobilizes the local churches to meet the needs in each community. From the food pantry to the resale store, to the training provided through various courses, this organization provides much more than a clearinghouse of benefits to those in need.”

“Love INC helps those in need in our county. They offer a hand up not a hand out through many classes for financial trouble to self-confidence. They help mobilize churches to further identify and serve those in need with food, shelter, clothes, and other needs identified.”

“They service to two counties, Mecosta and Osceola, and provide a food pantry along with personal hygiene products, assistance with other programs, networking, and helping people through hard times. They are friendly, courteous, and non-judgmental. Great community support.”

“Safe Harbor CAC provides support for children of abuse in both Allegan and Barry counties. This support includes forensic interviews, medical exams, and counseling for child victims of both physical and sexual abuse. They also work closely with law enforcement and the courts in the best interest of the children. As a state trooper, I have worked with the staff at Safe Harbor and have seen how great their work is in helping the children. They are doing great work and could use a grant to help them continue.”

“Sylvia’s Place is the only domestic violence shelter in Allegan County. They serve women and children who need a safe place to reside after fleeing abuse in their homes. Sylvia’s Place can provide food, toiletries, and laundry products. Other services available include victim legal advocacy, case management, and counseling.”

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