Community Grant Giveaway

Is there a specific nonprofit organization in your region that truly shines? A group that seeks to improve the area or make a positive impact through their efforts? Nominate them for consideration of a $7,000 grant.

Community Grant Giveaway Rules and Guidelines

  1. Members of Great Lakes Energy can nominate a 501c3 nonprofit organization that serve local communities in the counties served by Great Lakes Energy. Nominations must be received through the online nomination form found at by 5pm on May 19, 2023.
  2. Nominees do not have to receive electric service from Great Lakes Energy.
  3. Nominees must be a 501c3 organization. A 501c3 letter of determination will be required prior to issuing grant awards and organizations will be reviewed through the IRS Select Check tool to verify status. Organizations who do not meet these criteria will be disqualified.
  4. Three $7,000 grants awards will be made with one 501c3 in each of the three geographic regions established by Great Lakes Energy receiving an award. The regional areas for this program reflect the same regions used by the Great Lakes Energy People Fund.
  5. Great Lakes Energy members will be able to vote online only for nominated organizations from June 5 – June  16. One vote per member.
  6. The organization from each region with the highest votes will receive the $7,000 grant. If an organization is then disqualified, the second highest vote getter will receive the $7,000.
  7. Great Lakes Energy reserves the right to disqualify nominees from the voting process if they do not meet the rules listed here.
  8. This program is being funded, in part, through CoBank’s Sharing Success grant program which has limited funds. Great Lakes Energy reserves the right to delay grant awards to 2025 should funds from CoBank’s Sharing Success program be depleted prior to Great Lakes Energy’s grant awards being selected.
  9. Nominees can opt out of participation by contacting [email protected].
  10. Nominees may be asked to provide more information prior to online voting. Lack of necessary information may constitute disqualification.
  11. Great Lakes Energy is not responsible for the actions of the nominated organizations or winning organizations after grant funds are distributed.
  12. Nominated organizations are encouraged to promote the online voting to their communities.
  13. All voting must be received by June 16 at 5pm. Voting is only accepted through Great Lakes Energy’s online voting system, which will be available on this page after June 5.
  14. Questions related to the program should be directed to [email protected].

Grant Application

For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 15