Looking Out for Each Other

January 23, 2015
By working together, Great Lakes Energy members and the dedicated people who serve them can help protect each other from harm.
Dangerous situations can involve impostors pretending to work for GLE, phone scams, lack of roadside safety awareness and physical threats against utility workers.
“Our members are sometimes contacted by people claiming to work for GLE who don’t.” said Steve Boeckman, GLE president and CEO.
GLE workers drive marked vehicles and carry ID badges. If you suspect someone on your property is not a GLE worker or private contractor hired by GLE, contact your cooperative, 888-485-2537. If you receive a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be from GLE, hang up immediately and report the incident to us and your local law enforcement agency. Don’t make payments or give your personal information over the phone if you are not comfortable. Contact us first.
GLE field employees will also report anything unusual they may find, such as a broken window or door in a home that could indicate a break-in occurred.
Drivers are reminded to be cautious when crews are working in their neighborhood. More than 4,000 construction zone and utility related crashes occurred in Michigan last year. Ten were fatal and more than 100 resulted in serious injuries.
“Please slow down and go around when you see the orange cones where GLE employees are working,” Boeckman said. “We appreciate your help in keeping our workers safe so they can do their jobs for you.”
Unfortunately, distracted drivers aren’t the only hazards crews encounter in the field.
Workers are threatened—and sometimes even assaulted—in the field, GLE members who notice an assault in progress are urged not to intervene. Instead, they should call 911. In Michigan, it is a felony to assault a utility worker.
“Our employees live in the communities they serve,” said Boeckman. “Let’s work together to keep everyone safe.”
Remember these tips:

  • GLE workers drive marked vehicles and carry ID badges.
  • Report suspicious activity or phone calls to us and local law enforcement
  • Use caution around utility vehicles – watch for orange cones.
  • Call 888-GT-LAKES (485-2537) to report your concerns.

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