GLE Reminds Members of Online Account Options

April 27, 2015
Great Lakes Energy members can visit and create their personal on-line account for the easiest, most convenient way to pay electric bills. Having an online GLE account offers several advantages:

  • It’s easy. Sign up by creating a username and password. Then make payments directly from your checking or savings account or charge to a credit card. You can also sign-up for automatic payments.
  • It’s convenient. Once an online account exists, GLE sends an e-mail when the next bill is ready. Simply view the current bill statement and submit payment—anytime, day or night.
  • It’s secure. Privacy and data protection is important to GLE. Information sent over the Internet is encrypted for your privacy. By creating your own unique username and password, access to your account is restricted to you. Also, GLE sends email confirmation of all transactions.

Online bill payment requires no stamps, no checks, and avoids mailing delays.
Offering secure online account access is just another way Great Lakes Energy is looking out for its members.

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