GLE's Hart Office Changes Hours

May 1, 2015
Beginning May 4, 2015, the Hart office of Great Lakes Energy will open at 7:30 a.m. and close at 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
GLE provides 24/7 phone staffing, too. Simply call 888-485-2537.

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Jo A Belknap
Jo A Belknap
4 years ago

I am from Love INC in Shelby, Mi. We are working with Jean Manor who is trying to contact you about her bill. She is calling the toll free # and having trouble understanding the automation. Is there a local # she can call to talk to customer service?
4 years ago
Reply to  Jo A Belknap

Hi, Jo! Sorry, but we have not had local numbers for our offices for years. All calls go through the call center at 888-485-2537. If Jean simply stays on the line, the call will automatically transfer to one of our member service reps, provided it’s during our regular call center hours of 7AM – 5:30PM Mon.-Fri. She doesn’t have to deal with the automation. Or we can ask a member service rep to contact her directly. If she prefers that, please email her contact info to us at [email protected]. Thanks!

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