Update GLE Contact Info and You Could Win $50

July 22,2015
Updating your contact info on file with Great Lakes Energy by Aug. 31, 2015 will provide the opportunity for you to win one of five $50 gifts of energy.
GLE members should regularly update contact information with their electric cooperative because:

  1. In cases of outages, having current phone numbers on an account enables GLE’s automated outage reporting system to identify the account location that is out of power. That hastens the reporting process, which can lead to faster power restoration. Make sure GLE has a primary and secondary phone number for your account.
  2. When work such as right-of-way vegetation management clearing or planned outages for system maintenance takes place, GLE uses the primary phone number on file to contact a member and provide advance information on the work.

If you have an email address, providing it gives GLE another way to contact you about work planned in your area. In addition, GLE occasionally emails brief electronic publications about events, products and services, and other news.
If you use a cell phone, designating that contact number allows GLE’s automated outage reporting system to recognize and identify your account when you report an outage by calling 800-678-0411. The system recognizes both primary and secondary telephone numbers listed on your account.
Remember to update the current phone number, service address, and email address for each GLE account you have. To verify or change the information we have on file for you, call 888-485-2537 ext. 8924 or email [email protected]. Members with an online GLE account can log on and update contact information online.

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