Electrical safety demonstration

Free Electrical Safety Demonstrations

April 21, 2016
Our presenters use a live power line mounted to a trailer to demonstrate the power of electricity at 7,200 volts. Contact Great Lakes Energy to find out more about our safety shows for area schools. Visit www.gtlakes.com, click on “Community,” then “Youth & Community” and again on “Safety Demonstrations.”
School presentations are for fourth to seventh grades and begin in April. Our show dates calendar fills fast, so please reserve a time soon.

Electrical Safety Demonstration
Electrical Safety Demonstration


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Best Access Doors
4 years ago

The facts that have been discussed here are really important. Thank you so much for sharing a great post.

4 years ago

Thanks, and you’re very welcome. Find info on our current safety demonstrations on the gtlakes.com website under the Community > Youth Programs tab. COVID-19 concerns have the demonstrations on hold for now, but we’ll make them available again as soon as we are able to.

Best Access Doors
4 years ago

I will definitely check that out thanks for the information.

Owen Ellison
4 years ago

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