Help Keep Our Lineworkers Safe

Please don’t use our utility poles as bulletin boards! They may look like a great spot to post a sign. But please note that staples, nails and tacks used to hang signs and flyers can endanger lineworkers. They can puncture a protective glove or sleeve as lineworkers climb a pole. Rips or holes in their safety gear exposes them to the risk of electrical contact and possible serious injury or death.

Their jobs are dangerous enough. Won’t you help us keep them safe?

Decorative items or birdfeeders on our utility poles are also a danger. They are obstacles lineworkers may not see if they’re climbing a pole at night to restore your power. In addition, squirrels attracted to bird feeders on our poles can climb into our lines and cause outages.

Help keep our lineworkers safe and your power on. Thanks for cooperating!  



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