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Bill Changes Coming in June

Starting in June, your bills will have a fresh, new look with more information to help you better manage your energy needs.

What Can You Expect?

The new billing and related services will be provided by the National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) that serves electric co-ops across the United States.

Members who receive and pay their GLE bills online or by the mobile app will be able to continue with a new mobile app and web solution. Additional features, such as the ability to track your energy usage on your mobile app, will be included.

In addition to paying your bills and checking energy usage, you will be able to use the new mobile app and web solution to report service issues, power outages or contact GLE on other matters. GLE will be able to send important messages electronically to you, too.

What You Need to Know

  • You will need to create new logins for your online account(s). Old logins will no longer be supported.
  • Do you subscribe to paperless billing? If so, you’ll need to sign up for that service again once you login to the new portal(s). NOTE: During the changeover, paperless bill service may be temporarily interrupted if you delay in opting in for paperless billing delivery.
  • Some members will see their account number change as the new billing system may shorten some account numbers.

Residential and seasonal members will have more data on their bill to help manage energy use. New information on average daily kilowatt-hour (kWh) use and average daily cost will be shown. A bar chart will enable you to quickly see how your energy use during a month this year compares to the same month last year. 

Find more information here about the bill changes, steps you may need to take as a result of the changes, and a sample of the new residential and seasonal bill.

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