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Rate Increase Takes Effect in June

Your June bill will reflect a recently approved rate increase for residential and seasonal accounts.

The rate change amounts to a net increase of $0.0051 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), broken down as follows:

  • A $0.0216 increase in the energy charge
  • A $0.0165 decrease in the power supply cost recovery factor (PSCR)

The monthly charge remains the same for both rate classifications.

This increase equates to a $4.08 monthly increase for the average residential member using 800 kWh per month. For the average seasonal member using 200 kWh per month, it results in a $1.02 monthly increase. (Amounts don’t include state sales tax.)

The increase, although small, will raise revenues to provide sufficient funding levels for maintaining reliable electric service, provide adequate margins, and ensure you, our members, receive the service you need to power your homes and businesses.

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