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Energy That Makes You Feel Good

The sun not only makes us feel good inside, but can provide energy that makes us feel good in another way.

Community Solar

  • GLE’s Community Solar program is a simple, relatively inexpensive option that enables you to support the use of clean, renewable energy powered by the sun. With this program, you can buy a subscription to a solar panel and help put solar energy on the electric grid.
  • For as little as $600 per panel (or, if you prefer to pay over time, $10 per month for 60 months), you can purchase a solar panel subscription. In return, you receive solar credits on your monthly bills. There are no solar panels to buy, install and maintain on your roof. Energy Optimization rebates up to $150 per solar panel are also available for a limited time if you pay the $600 subscription fee upfront.

As we welcome the warm weather and sunny days of summer, consider participating in GLE’s Community Solar program. It’s an investment that shows your commitment to cleaner, greener power.

Net Metering and Buy-All/Sell-All

  • These two programs were developed for members who have homes or businesses that produce renewable energy on site. Learn more here or call 888-485-2537, ext. 1308.  

No matter what your interest or desire to participate in renewable energy programs, GLE has you covered. Nearly 20 percent of the electricity we provide already comes from renewable energy sources. That’s due in large part to the investment Wolverine Power Cooperative, our power supplier, has made in wind energy generation in Michigan.

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