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Ways to Report an Outage

When your power goes out, you want it back on in a hurry. So do we.

But to fix an outage for you, you first need to tell us that you have one. You need to report it to us. Yes, we have automated meters that send daily readings to us. However, those meters do NOT alert us when your power is out. We still depend on you to do that.

Your reporting choices

We give you three ways to report an outage:

  1. THE FASTEST WAY – Use your Great Lakes Energy app. If you don’t have power, you can still use the app on your mobile device to report your outage. You’ll need the same login information you use for your online account.
  2. THE NEXT FASTEST WAY – Login to your online account and select Report an Outage. Just as with the app, your outage info goes directly into our automated outage reporting system. Don’t have an online account yet? Here’s how to register for one. Having an online account also lets you pay bills online, check your usage, and other handy tasks.
  3. CALL US — You can report an outage 24/7 by calling 1-888-485-2537. However, If we have a large number of outages, you may experience long hold times. That’s why we recommend using your online account or your GLE app. When you report an outage by phone, our automated system recognizes the phone number and automatically logs the outage for you. Just make sure we have your current phone number and contact info in your account records.

What about social media?

While we enjoy interacting with you on Facebook or Twitter or via email, such messages are not monitored 24 hours a day. Using your online account, the GLE app, or calling us allows the outage to be instantly logged into our automated system.

How long will my power be out?

We can issue estimated restoration times when we have enough information available to be able to give our members an accurate estimate. This information is normally readily available when there are no major storms causing widespread extensive damage. When our 26-county service area is affected by a major storm, there could easily be hundreds of locations where wire is down. Our many miles of power line cross rivers, swamps, dense forests and hills. Our workers often have to walk the lines to find the problems. We can’t restore your power or know how long it will take until we know where the problems are. It is a time-consuming process that cannot be avoided. That is why it is virtually impossible to give accurate restoration times given the very large remote area we serve and the extensive amount of power line damage we incur during a major storm. However, you can find stats updated every 15 minutes that can be sorted by county, township and zip code on our outage map.  

Bottom Line

No one likes outages. But the sooner you report yours to us, the sooner crews can start working on it.

Thanks for helping us look out for you. And thanks for being a GLE member.

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