Carter's building demolition, Boyne City - front entrance from inside

Old Makes Way for New

In mid-August, Great Lakes Energy began demolition of the former Carter’s Food Center building located next to GLE’s headquarters in Boyne City.

Carter's building demolition, Boyne City - front entrance from inside

The property was purchased earlier this spring with the intention of expanding GLE’s current office space to accommodate the cooperative’s growth in recent years. In particular, the launch of Truestream—GLE’s high-speed, fiber-to-the-home internet service—resulted in additional employment opportunities along with a need for more office and warehouse space.

As of early September, the back wall of the building was removed and the inside of the building emptied. Plans call for having the site down to bare ground by approximately October.

Carter's building demolition - back of building, scrap materials

Jeff Grice, purchasing manager for GLE in Boyne City, is one of a team of six employees helping to steer the project. Jeff notes GLE’s contractor is taking every opportunity to recycle materials removed from the 36,500 square foot building, including siding, steel, ceiling tiles, and more. Estimates indicate that around 85 percent of materials removed will be recycled.

The team met in June with an architect that will design a new building based on needs to be identified by various departments that will locate in the new building. GLE is proud to embark on this project to beautify and use a long-vacant parcel of land in a manner that will add space for future jobs in Boyne City.

Panoramic view of Carter's building dismantling

Carter's building demolition, Boyne City - inside photo Carter's building demolition, Boyne City - inside scrap piles Carter's building demolition, Boyne City - excavator


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