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Great Lakes Energy Board Openings

Three openings exist on the Great Lakes Energy Cooperative Board of Directors for the following districts:

  • District 3 – Antrim County
  • District 4 – Crawford, Montmorency, Oscoda, and Otsego counties
  • District 5 – Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Manistee, and Wexford counties

Members who receive their electric power from Great Lakes Energy will vote soon to fill these positions.

Members vote by returning ballots included with the July/August edition of Michigan Country Lines magazine mailed to Great Lakes Energy members in the three specified districts. Ballots must be returned by mail and received by Aug. 20. Election results will be announced at Great Lakes Energy’s annual meeting on Aug. 26.

“Our members’ right to vote gives them the unique ability to elect local board members responsible for representing members’ best interests in decisions that impact the cooperative’s future. That is just one of the fundamental differences between Great Lakes Energy, an electric cooperative, and other energy providers,” CEO Bill Scott observes.

“The people we serve are members who share in the ownership of the cooperative. Co-op management does not select or appoint directors, so it is up to members to vote or run for election.” Scott adds.

This year’s race features four candidates vying for three open board seats. Candidates are:

  • District 3: Richard Evans, Ellsworth
  • District 4: Larry Monshor, Gaylord; Shelly Pinkelman, Fredric
  • District 5: Dale Farrier, Kalkaska

Evans, Monshor, and Farrier are incumbent directors.  All directors are required to be Great Lakes Energy members.

Candidate biographies can be found in the July/August edition of Michigan Country Lines magazine, which is mailed to members of Great Lakes Energy. Extra ballots are available by contacting Great Lakes Energy at (888)485-2537.

For more information on Great Lakes Energy’s Board of Directors and its election process, visit

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