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Power restoration, a community effort.

Left to right: Maryann Gasper, Brittany Bostcom, and Daelynn McKinnon of the Harrington Inn, Fremont

The support and generosity of local businesses provides a sense of peace amid the chaos of widespread outages. Having a heart for service is part of our promise to our members, and it means a great deal when it shines through the communities we serve.

When storms hit, causing extensive damage and outages, it’s all hands on deck. There’s a lot of work to be done as safely and quickly as possible. During these times, lineworkers spend long hours out in challenging weather conditions.

Many short notice arrangements are required to take care of everyone during these times. Last-minute hotel accommodations for contract crews, and food to feed those working in the field all day and night, are examples of the challenges we encounter, but local businesses make it easier for us to weather the storm.

During times of need, several local businesses have gone above and beyond to ensure crews are fed and have a place to lay their head after a long day. To help us, they work longer hours or call in extra staff.

Kathryn Lambright, owner of Country View Bakery in Ludington, even missed a holiday party to help us out. Kathryn said, “As a business, I know what it’s like to be without power, and I can’t imagine what it’s like being home without power for long. We just want to help.”

As Maryann Gasper, general manager of the Harrington Inn in Fremont, explains, “It’s our pleasure to offer comfortable accommodations to the linemen working long days, sometimes in difficult conditions, to restore power to our community. People in the community depend on electricity for medical devices, heat, water, etc. During the aftermath of inclement weather, we all must work together and do what we can to help support the community and the people involved in the restoration efforts.”

The generosity and support of the communities we serve do not go unnoticed and are sincerely appreciated. Thank you to the businesses, and staff that helped, who had gone above and beyond when we needed you. 

All Seasons Resort, Kalkaska

Country View Bakery, Ludington

Fairfield Inn, Gaylord

Gordon Food Service, Gaylord

Hampton Inn, Gaylord

Holiday Inn, Petoskey

Panera Bread, Big Rapids

Seven Slots Grille, Reed City

Subway, White Cloud

The Golden Eatery, Mears

The Harrington Inn, Fremont

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